Where to go on holidays in may

Coming may holidays . therefore it is necessary for them to be prepared to have fun, time to buy a tour or to book a room at the hotel. We have prepared for You a selection of interesting places in Ukraine, places we have visited and you should go for a few days or at least on a small tour.

So, this year, due to the high dollar and unstable situation in the country, the majority of Ukrainians are forced to abandon the usual travel, we have chosen a selection and brief description interesting and budget travel to Ukraine for the may holidays that anyone can afford, even in this difficult period. For those who have no possibility to visit on your own and plan a route of travel, you can use the portal of stocks and sales, Skydock it contains a lot of hot tours, promotional tours and discount hotels.

Below we will look at interesting places where you can go by yourself for the may holidays or take advantage of promotions and sales on Skidochnye.

And so, here we go! Where and for how much?


Recently, the winery has become one of the most popular tourist destinations of Ukraine. A considerable role was played by its famous fountain Roshen, which is among the ten most beautiful fountains in the world. Fountain Roshen – it’s not just the flow of water, but the whole 3D show that, under the sounds of classical music that dips into the atmosphere of fairy tales and holiday. Of course, and in the winery itself is something to see, because this city is known for its squares, parks and trams.

The discounted rate: from 200 to 300 USD.


The Carpathians are beautiful in any season! Clean pine-mountain air, scenic views and a lot of impressions will give this a really memorable part of Ukraine. In the spring of the year, nature itself is especially beautiful because of its fresh, green foliage, not yet touched by the sun. Local color, nature and the mountains will leave in the memory of an unforgettable experience.

Discounted price: 600 UAH. on a four day tour to the Valley of daffodils, including transport and accommodation.

The Dendrological Park Sofiyivka

Great place for a weekend. In the dendrological Park Sofiyivka you can walk all day, enjoying the unique nature and romantic history of this place. The arboretum was founded about 200 years ago. but still, it attracts tourists from all corners of not only Ukraine but also the world. Deserves special attention the nature, as it collected about 2000 species of trees and more than 1,000 herbaceous plants. About our self-train in Sofiyivka Arboretum can be read here.

Discounted price: from 180 to 300 USD.


May holidays in Odessa . what could be better! No wonder Odessa is also called the pearl of Ukraine. In early may already warm enough, so that you can safely sunbathe on the beach, walk along the promenade and even to wander through the sea water. The city of Odessa is famous for its diverse architecture, historic streets, beautiful beaches and unique Odessa accent. An exciting walk along Deribasovskaya has not left us without emotion. Until then, remember the weekend in Odessa.

Price with discount: about 500 UAH. 2 days/1 night in the room category of “Suite”.

Park Alexandria

Not far from Kiev, bila Tserkva is located another beautiful Park – Alexandria. This is a good place for families, friends and loved ones. Go to the Park it is desirable for the whole day, bring a blanket and something to chew. After a long walk You to work up your appetite. The Park Alexandria is 200 hectares. it is impregnated with a plurality of reservoirs, ponds and waterfalls, and is also known in Ukraine the river ROS.

Planning a trip to the Park Alexandria, ‘s a good idea to plan your route of travel and include no less interesting landscape Park in the village of Buki. It is divided into two parts. The first placed we know the fountain that adorned the earlier Independence square, St Eugene Church and the bell tower of St. Daniel. In the second part flaunts estate Suslovs, the Park’s owners, who have created all this beauty.

Discounted price: from 140 to 190 USD.

Bukskii canyon

Bukskii canyon is an incredibly beautiful place in Ukraine. It is located in the eponymous village, beeches, Cherkasy region. Its length is about five kilometers and a depth in some places can reach 20 meters. It was built the first in Ukraine GEUS. The grandeur of granite rocks framing Bukskii canyon captures. Their power and incredible beauty attracts with its uniqueness. May holidays in the canyon will leave lots of positive and memorable experiences.

Discounted price: from 140 to 190 USD.


A beautiful city, situated on the West of Ukraine. Incredible atmosphere of Lviv attracts tourists from all over the world. He is considered one of the largest and most unique cities in our country. Every street is imbued with positive energy, coffee and national flavor. Walking lions feel is not in Ukraine, but somewhere in Europe. A good addition to city tours, the tour will visit picturesque venues of the city. I’m sure they will not leave anyone indifferent.

Discounted price: 300 UAH. 2 days/1 night accommodation.


Chernigov – one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, which is crowded with temples, cathedrals and historical monuments. The Northern capital of Ukraine will surprise you with its attractions. Anthony cave, the house of Ivan Mazepa, Khmelnitsky monument and many more will not leave guests indifferent. Infatuating the views from the bell tower of the Trinity Cathedral, and will give an incredible experience.

We hope that our selection has opened many options for inexpensive vacation and inspired You on a small journey for body and soul. Do not sit still when there’s so much interesting things!

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