Unusual holidays

Agree that life without holidays boring and monotonous. Holiday – this is a great opportunity to have a good time, chat with friends, handing a close person nice souvenir or an exclusive gift. There are so many holidays: family, state, professional, international, religious. But there is in the calendar of unusual holidays that are difficult to attribute to any particular group. We are not talking about such holidays as New year, March 8 and all others who have or have had public holidays. In our new segment, which we have called “Wacky holidays” we will acquaint you with interesting that mark the different people that inhabit our planet.

Let’s start with the fact that in the West series opens November holidays Day sandwich or in our sandwich Day. In Russia this holiday is celebrated numerous “McDonald’s”, in which the most popular sandwiches are burgers. Why is this honor a bun with a meat Patty in the middle and after whom the calendar, this day is marked as a public holiday? It turns out, sandwiches, food, have been known since the 1st century ad, when Hillel the Babylonian introduced an Easter tradition to wrap a mixture of chopped apples and nuts mixed with spices in a piece of matzah. In the middle ages stew was served on large pieces of stale bread, and in the 16th and 17th centuries in food ate slices of bread with cheese or meat. A breakthrough in the history of the sandwich was made in the 18th century by John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. History shows that the count was an avid card player. One day he spent at the gaming table for 24 hours and being very hungry, ordered the servant to give her a piece of roast beef, put them between two pieces of bread. This gave him the opportunity to continue the game, holding in one hand and food without dirtying the card. Other players looking at him, began to demand yourself, “what eats a Sandwich!”. So was born the name of this new dish, and as the Earl was born 3 November . this day became the Day of the sandwich. Now there is a huge variety of sandwiches, and a smaller number of different cafes and restaurants around the world, where they can eat. Not suffering from lack of this food and the Russians. Anyway, most of us start the day with the usual Breakfast: a Cup of tea (coffee) and a piece of bread, smeared with butter or jam, or even two pieces, between which lies a slice of cheese or sausage.

Another interesting celebration of November is the world day of men. Here we were ahead of the rest, because the idea to celebrate the day dawned the first President of the UssR Mikhail Gorbachev. His initiative was supported by the Vienna magistrate, the UN office in Vienna, a number of other international organizations. Men’s day is celebrated on the first Saturday of November, this year on 6 November . And why this holiday was among the unusual? After all, nobody in the world is not surprised by this celebration, as of March 8, when “sing odes” women. Maybe because so far not found the answer to the eternal question: who he is – a real man? And yet, I think that all we really needed this holiday, because whatever they were, our men, flighty and thoughtless in his youth, the wise in his old age (here you can bet, remembering the expression: a gray beard – a lusty), we still love them. Love for their dignity, forgive the shortcomings, and how can you not forgive? Just yesterday, the morning came to the window, he saw on the pavement in front of the entrance of the house opposite the caption: “I love you, hon!” Jealous of this unknown “Zae”, for which her husband did not sleep, and carefully deduced night on the pavement with white paint these beautiful and eternal word. Well, then do not love our men how not to congratulate, not to give some pretty trinket, not to give more than usual attention?

On 16 November, the people of many countries of the world celebrate the Day of tolerance. Probably not clear to everyone this holiday is proclaimed in the “Declaration of principles on tolerance”, approved at the 28th General conference of UNESCO in 1995. But the world is huge and varied, as did the peoples living in it. People, by their nature, vary in appearance, situation, speech, behavior and values that they preach, but every nation has the right to live in peace and to preserve their identity. This holiday reminds people that we need more tolerant attitude to each other, to respect the traditions of other people and appreciate their.

The most cheerful holiday of November in Russia is considered the birthday of Santa Claus. It is a celebration of all Russians, from children to the elderly. What is the age of the winter wizard – nobody knows, but for sure that more than 2 000 years. Date of birth of Santa Claus was invented by the children, because on November 18 at his home – in Velikiy Ustyug – takes its toll winter with frosts. On this day in the city open a special mailbox, which the local kids and tourists can leave out the greeting for Santa Claus. Guests from other cities and countries on this day in Veliky Ustyug can be set, and reliable assistants every year sew new Grandfather, decorated with distinctive embroidery Kaftan.

One of the most original celebrations can be called world toilet day, which falls on the 19th of November and is celebrated since 2002. This is a delicate topic, but agree that without toilets we cannot live. The first room resembling a toilet, appeared in India and China, and ancient toilet more than 2 thousand years. Let’s not talk about other countries, we note only that in Russia the case with toilets is traditionally very bad: they are few, they are untidy, and on the toilet paper only dream about. But in England for about 20 years there is a contest “Loo of the year”. Strange are these aliens, isn’t it? Here at us in Russia is increasingly “man of the year” or “Miss-2010”, where this person or the same miss go, if they suddenly forgive, itch in the wrong place, we will have a proper silent. However, to go to especially and nowhere.

In 1973, two brothers, and American Michael Bryant Maccomic in the midst of the cold war came up with the holiday greetings. The brothers decided that need a simple but effective act and sent the letter with a cordial greetings to all corners of the world. They asked the recipients to greet someone else, at least ten people. The idea was supported in 180 countries worldwide, and since November 21 is world Hello day. It is a day of happy emotions and good mood. So don’t forget Sunday November 21 to greet his friends, acquaintances!

The last weekend of November. this time will be the 28th . in Thailand (province of Lopburi) arrange a gala dinner for the monkeys. These animals are very revered, and every year approximately 600 monkeys are invited to the dinner, consisting of different fruits and vegetables. Monkey feast is held in honor of the God Rama, who according to the legend, along with the monkey army defeated many of his opponents. Having fun at the Banquet not only animals but also people. One can only envy the Thais – after all, Russia has no monkeys. But in our country there are many cats and dogs. But these and other interesting holidays we will tell you in the next issues of our newspaper.

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