The Best carnivals of the world

How many cities in Brazil, so many s – and not one is like another. In Rio he has long ceased to be simply enchanting holiday and turned into a kind of championship fun. Participate in the Samba schools, representing different parts of the city. The jury determines what the most colorful outfit, and the most incendiary dance. The winners get nothing. But honor surround them such, what can not buy for any money.

The end of February in Catholic countries is a time of carnival… the Most famous and colourful carnivals in the world are considered to be Venetian and Brazilian. But if in Venice the main sign of this holiday mask, equalizing between people of different ranks and classes, the participants of the Brazilian extravaganza combines rampant, leaving no conventions fun. Actually carnival is nothing like Shrovetide festivities, festive days before lent. The word itself comes from the Latin expression “carne Vale” meaning “farewell to meat”.

Carnival tradition originated in the middle Ages. Then in the holidays of this kind participated whole craft shop. Shoemakers, armourers, goldsmiths for a few days turned into children, just like with the primary goal to outdo each other in the ability to fool around. Carnival in contemporary Brazil is also a kind of competition: there are competing national dance school of Samba, unite the inhabitants of one district or a small Continue reading

The Most unusual festivals

Almost a couple of months back I told you about some of the amazing holiday in the world: the monkey feast in India, throwing pumpkins in the U.S., the festival of colors in India, Orange slaughter in Italy. also in a separate article devoted to the Festival «La Tomatina» in Colombia. So friends here I looked for another 9 very breathtaking festivals around the world. I wish to share them with you. Start…

1. Naki Sumo festival of crying babies (Japan)

No matter what a mom feels bad when her child cries, but during this festival a resounding cry is a huge advantage. Every year in the castle Sensoji in Tokyo, is more than 400 years of history, which aims to calm cranky babies and keep them healthy. Two adult sumo fighter lifts him into the air samll children and grimaces trying to scare them to such a degree, that baby roared all he was worth. The arbitrator listens intently to both children and determines the favorite. Ancestors voluntarily give their own children for a role in this competition, believing that it helps to ward off evil spirits and protect them through life. This year in Naki Sumo involves more than 80 kids under the age of one year.

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Down with the autumn Blues, or where to rest in November

Outside the window, damp and cold, short days alternate long and cold nights. This causes many autumnal melancholy, even depression. Wet asphalt, grey bleak landscape, the sad faces of passers-by… Yes, time to leave is just great – will not say anything. Is it possible at this time to relax with comfort and pleasure?

Create a good mood

And why not! Good mood we can create ourselves. We want to be cheerful and happy – let us be such. You need to perceive life from its best side. Even in November you can organize a fabulous stay in Ukraine and have fun.

Look around:

the magic forest,

dressed in gold and crimson,

meadows with withered grass,

bright sun ( not just the rain !) on a clean blue sky,

free wind walking around the space and removes yellow leaves, dangle them in the last flight and carefully puts on the ground.

In the lake whitefish spawns. Trout sinking into the pools and pits. Carp finally going to hibernate in deep shaded pits or buries itself in the mud. Peace, silence…

Interesting and fun in Lviv

Want something more fun? – Welcome to Lviv!

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The Year of culture: the most striking events
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The Best ideas for summer parties
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The strangest festivals
People like to celebrate different events in their lives. Mass celebrations turn into very real festivals. However, some people choose a very unusual reasons for their celebrations. Describe below about…

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