The strangest festivals

People like to celebrate different events in their lives. Mass celebrations turn into very real festivals. However, some people choose a very unusual reasons for their celebrations. Describe below about 10 of the most unusual festivals held in different places of the planet.

Naki Sumo. This festival is dedicated to a crying infant, and he is being held in Japan. Any mother gets nervous from the cry of their baby, but for this festival crying is a big advantage. An amazing event has been held here for over 400 years, now his resting place is the castle of Sensoji. The aim of the festival is the most calm fretful children, supporting their health. To do this, raise babies in the air, two adult sumo wrestler. Wrestlers every grimace, trying to scare the kids, so they roared with all his strength. The judge listens carefully to the attempts of all parties, determining the winner. Participation in this contest is purely voluntary – parents take their children to participate in it. Because according to the beliefs it helps to drive away from the baby from evil spirits and to protect them further in life. In the festival Naki Sumo participates annually nearly a hundred children under the age of one year.

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Summer festivals of Japan

The summer season begins in Japan after the end of the rainy season, somewhere in the beginning of July, and this time of grace since ancient times decided to celebrate a variety of festivals, some of which have survived from ancient times to the present day. Here are some of the most exciting summer festivals in Japan. which if possible should visit:

The City Of Kyoto. Festival “Gion”

Festival “gion” begins the first of July, and lasts almost the entire month, the official closing ceremony held on July 29, and the peak of the festival falls on July 17th – on this day is the main festival procession.

Festival “gion” is held for about 1140 years and is an ancient tradition centistoke Yasaka Shrine. This is one of the three major festivals in Japan. along with the “Kanda” held in Tokyo and “Tenjin” held in Osaka. Festival “gion” — it is a peculiar appeal to the gods with a request to cast out “evil spirits” and save the villagers from epidemics and diseases. The most vivid and memorable event of the festival — the passage through the Central area of Kyoto floats. The floats were colorful stretcher on two staves, made in the form of mountains and surrounded by long swords and lances. The weapon plays the role of an exiled evil Continue reading

India country Information India

In Delhi – Red Fort, JAMA Masjid, Raj Ghat, Jantar Mantar, Lakshmi Narayan temple, Qutab Minar, India Gate, the Secretariat Building, the Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Parliament House, national Museum, national gallery of modern art, Museum of J. Nehru Museum of national crafts, the zoo, the tomb Safdarjung, Great mosque, public Hall receptions Mughal, Palace, Rang Mahal, the Pearl mosque, the tower of the XII century. Qutb-Minar, stainless centuries metal column is one of the wonders of the world.

In Bombay St. John’s Church, Prince of Wales Museum, St. Thomas Cathedral, Aquarium of Taraporevala, Museum of Western India, Victoria Park Gardens zoo, caves Kanheri with bas-reliefs II-IX centuries several churches VII.

On the Malabar hills are picturesque Hanging Gardens and Park Kamala Nehru, the temple of Mahalaxmi, the tomb and the mosque of Haji Ali, Nehru planetarium, Elephanta island, national Park Krishnagiri Upavan, beach Manori beach, Monplaisir, caves Jogeshwari and Pool.

The city of Agra – the capital of the Mughal Empire, here is one of the wonders of the world – the Taj Mahal, the Mausoleum of Akbar and majestic palaces in Agra Fort, Pearl mosque (XVII century), the marble mausoleum Continue reading

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