How to celebrate holidays around the world

Christmas and its more secular companion — New Year — are among the most popular and favorite festivals in the world — they are noted in almost all countries, including the native Muslim Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Palestine and Indonesia, Hindu India and Communist China. Do not bypass these holidays party even in the “upside-down” Australia and New Zealand.

China. Hong Kong. December 24. Children with christingle — “candles of Christ.” Christingle is a religious symbol in the form of an orange, in which is inserted the candle; distributed to children at the pre-Christmas worship service. The candle symbolizes Jesus Christ as the “light of the world”. Cresting coined the Society of the Anglican Church to assist children, who inherited it from the German Moravian Church in the 1960-ies.

Italy. Venice. On 21 December. Traditional competition in rowing in costume of Santa Claus.

USA. Honolulu, Hawaii. December 25. Hawaiian Santa Claus on the Christmas tree.

Indonesia. Surabaya, East Java. December 25. Indonesian Christians on the Christmas prayer.

Palestine. Bethlehem. December 25. The pilgrim takes on iPad Christmas mass in the Basilica of the Nativity.

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10 components of a good children’s party

A child’s birthday – it is a very important and long-awaited holiday for him! This adult birthday can be a claim, they say, time is passing by, no wealth, holiday sad… And the child waiting for her birthday for the whole year and to this day – magical! What parents need to do to this children’s celebration memorable for the whole year or even longer?

1. Let the child decide what he needs a holiday. Definitely ask him what kind of birthday party he wants? Whatever guests he wanted to invite? What dishes he would wish to see on the holiday table? If the child cannot answer, adults can help him, but in any case not to decide for him! Even if you answers baby don’t like me, and you, for example, can’t stand McDonald’s, and the child insists on a birthday party in this institution. There are things the child has “screaming” in childhood, such as chicken pox. Otherwise, in adult life “disease” can overtake him in a more severe form.

2. Start preparing your children’s party in advance. Better two weeks before the event. Decide on the day of celebration and birthday. Make the child the guest list, menu, Continue reading

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