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How to organize a birthday party for a child 5-8 years – the best ideas!

If the child is very active, plays sports, and Your family don’t mind maintaining it in outdoor games, birthday Chad can be arranged in the Park or a fitness club . Most parents have such ideas cause genuine surprise, but today you can find clubs or pools, which are also involved in the organization of children’s holidays, offer their program.

Typically, the festive table is up to the parents. It is best to arrange a buffet table with lots of fruit and sandwiches, pizzas, canapés.

If the birthday child’s parents want to spend in the water Park or sports club, then they need to have in mind that most places will not accept children younger than 5 years .

What are the simulators and rides will engage children should be arranged in advance .

Parents need to provide that children, doing to the gym, playing sports, going to have much to drink . Stocking needs and drinking water and juices, and tea. Should bring to the festival is also a lot of napkins .

To make beautiful photos and to arrange a formal greeting of the birthday boy, you have parents of other children to warn in advance about the two sets of clothes . It would be good if the children will be in fancy dresses and costumes, Continue reading

All interesting about the Philippines

First of all, the Catholic nature of the Philippine nation is manifested in the dominance of the Christian festivals. Besides them, New Year’s day, military parades and all the holidays are celebrated in the Philippines is also very vigorously. Each region has its own set of sacred festivals, which are celebrated throughout the year. New year is celebrated, as befits a Catholic country, with great imagination and lots of fireworks. January 9 in Manila’s most famous religious event in the country – “the Day of the Black Nazarene” – a huge procession in honor of Jesus, gathering millions of believers (this is not an exaggeration) from across the country (often the procession is repeated on Easter Monday and 11-12 may).The celebration of Ati – Atihan, celebrated in the third week of January, is a tribute to Santo Nino. Lasting more than three days, it is a riotous mix of dancing, revelry and religious rituals. The region Cebu celebrates the feast of length in one week, called Pasundayag sa Sinulog, which is characterized by large crowds of people dressed in different costumes dancing the traditional Sinulog dance.

Holy week Philippines all observe rituals and ceremonies. Palm Sunday ( Palaspas ) is marked by processions of priests and a city of people waving palm Continue reading

The strangest festivals

People like to celebrate different events in their lives. Mass celebrations turn into very real festivals. However, some people choose a very unusual reasons for their celebrations. Describe below about 10 of the most unusual festivals held in different places of the planet.

Naki Sumo. This festival is dedicated to a crying infant, and he is being held in Japan. Any mother gets nervous from the cry of their baby, but for this festival crying is a big advantage. An amazing event has been held here for over 400 years, now his resting place is the castle of Sensoji. The aim of the festival is the most calm fretful children, supporting their health. To do this, raise babies in the air, two adult sumo wrestler. Wrestlers every grimace, trying to scare the kids, so they roared with all his strength. The judge listens carefully to the attempts of all parties, determining the winner. Participation in this contest is purely voluntary – parents take their children to participate in it. Because according to the beliefs it helps to drive away from the baby from evil spirits and to protect them further in life. In the festival Naki Sumo participates annually nearly a hundred children under the age of one year.

Kanamara Matsuri. Continue reading

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All interesting about the Philippines
First of all, the Catholic nature of the Philippine nation is manifested in the dominance of the Christian festivals. Besides them, New Year's day, military parades and all the holidays…

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