The Year of culture: the most striking events

The year of culture in Yadrinsky area began with the opening of the modernized Apraksina rural cultural and leisure center, and the closing ceremony took place in modern cultural and sports centre “Howling” in the village Nikolaev.

The results of work were summed Deputy head of the Department of social development Yadrinsky district administration L. Kvasova. According to her, the number of employees of cultural institutions, and this includes the cultural and recreational facilities, museums and libraries, is 137 people. In cultural institutions of the district there are 321 club formation, in which 4477 participants. For children up to 14 years – 137 units, which involved 1,609 people, for young people 59 formations, where there are 763 people (32% of the total number of youth by area).

The program “compact Integrated development of rural areas of the Chuvash Republic” in 2014, funds were allocated from the Republican budget in the amount of 917500 rubles for the construction of the boiler Nizhnetagilskogo cultural and recreational center and internal redecoration. To date, the work on construction of the boiler and overhaul completed, cultural Wellness center is preparing to open. Verkhneicherski Museum of natural economy of the Chuvash peasant of the nineteenth century thanks to the Federal and Republican programs for 2013-2014 significantly transformed. Newly built and renovated all outbuildings, recounting the life of the Chuvash peasant in the past century. The implementation of such projects contributes to the improvement of rural settlements, the growth of interest and disclosure initiatives of rural people, especially the youth and the younger generation, formation of positive attitudes towards the countryside and the rural way of life, the formation of the aesthetic appearance of the village.

The year of culture in Yadrinsky area was fruitful in terms of big events. In Bolshesosnovskom the rural House of culture hosted the first zonal festival of accordion players and couplet presenters “Play and sing, accordion!”, which was attended by representatives from Ilikovskogo, Krasnochetaisky and Yadrinsky areas, just over 50 people. According to the decision of the organizers and participants of this festival will become a tradition in the area and it will bear the name of the honored worker of culture of the Chuvash Republic A. Hidaka.

To promote the art of choral singing, creating new creative contacts and exchange of experience in Yadrinsky the House of culture hosted the first regional festival of choral music “Singing spring”. At a mass celebration of the music and singing was attended by about 200 people participating choirs.

Village Mobilisasi at the national level noted 219-th birthday. In theatrical and concert program with an active participation of artistic groups from Mari El, Saratov region, Cheboksary, neighboring districts of Chuvashia.

In Yadrinsky district held an inter-regional festival of national culture named after A. Alamosa “rainbow of cultures over the Sur”. Guests from Tatarstan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Mari El came in agrin to combine their culture and to give each other the joy of creative communication. The extensive programme of holiday and was visiting museums. Guests got acquainted with the exhibits in the House-Museum of N. Mordvinov and Yadrinsky art Museum.

In the city of Cheboksary in DC “tractor” after 9-year hiatus was your Day Yadrinsky fraternities “Sing for you, my native land!”. On this day, Agency from the soul spoke with each other, learned a lot about the life of communities of the Republic and of their Homeland.

In the area of creative activities continued 11 creative collectives, awarded the title “national”. In 2014, the head of national folklore ensemble . Eremkina was awarded the honorary title “Honored worker of culture of the Chuvash Republic”, 17 workers of culture of the district was awarded the honorary diploma and 2 party Amateur gratitude of the Ministry of culture, nationalities and archives of Chuvashi Republic. The winner in the nomination “the Best employee of the municipal institution of culture” was named A. Sharov, head of the musical part of Maxusage rural Houses of culture. Awarding of the certificate in the amount of 50 thousand rubles took place at the close of the year of culture in the Chuvash Republic.

The ceremony of awarding the best workers took place in the cultural and sports centre “Howling” in a speech to invited guests and officials. the Participants of the ceremony were warmly congratulated by Deputy head of district, head of Department for social development A. Ivanov, first Vice-President CNC V. Klementiev, member of the Presidium CNC E. Bachmanov, rector of Holy Trinity Church, father Sergius, Director Yadrinsky Central library N. Dolgov, Director of Yadrinsky art Museum R. Zhukov.

Then there was a wonderful concert “Vivat, culture!” with participation of collectives of Amateur performances. Their creativity spectators enjoyed the ensemble of Russian folk song “Kalinka”, a folk song and dance “Viral”, “Howling”, Latus, folk dance group “Thumbelina”, the ensemble “Il”, young musicians from the children’s school of arts and others. The closing ceremony of the year of culture in the area has become a kind of summing up of the most striking results before the Year of literature in Russia and the Year of Konstantin Ivanov in Chuvashia

At the end of the Year of culture last week in Yadrinsky the House of culture held a meeting of career guidance teachers and students of the Chuvash state Institute of culture with students of educational institutions of the district. The teachers told the children about the rules of admission to the University, studies, professions graduates.

Then the students gave the audience a wonderful concert. Thunderous applause greeted the performances of our countryman Marat Miridonov, the graduate of school №3.

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