The World of bright colors

Day seven-Vanya drew grandma a gift. Mix paints and deduced tassel uncomplicated patterns, flowers and funny animals. Little Alenka also wanted “something to paint,” but the elder brother were banned to his table.

Mala, only ruin everything. – said Vanya.

And then, when the figure was almost ready, the doorbell rang…

– Grandmother came. – cried Olenka and in the confusion, he ran past, accidentally knocked over a glass, in which brother was rinsed brush. The huge gray puddle spread over the figure, turning bright art in a dirty spot.

– Oh. – the only thing I could say girl.

– I knew it! angrily shedding tears, screaming boy.

– What’s happening here? a soft voice asked the grandmother, who couldn’t understand why the kids so fell out.

– I wanted to give you a picture, but she…

– I didn’t mean to. – excitedly began to explain kids.

– Stop fighting, you’re brother and sister! – conciliation grandma said and hugged beloved grandchildren, tomorrow will draw even more beautiful, and now it’s time to sleep. But if you promise no more fighting, I’ll tell you a new and very interesting story!

Guys, immediately forgetting about the grievances, climbed into the crib and got ready to listen. Grandmother saddened the light in the room and began his story:

– It was in a long-predivna times… When the lakes were blue-blue, dandelion yellow, like chickens, and young leaves on high trees was struck by its delicate greens. In short, colors in nature was so much that even the air seemed bright, and the splashing of the rain under the summer sun, as in soap bubbles, reflected all the colors of the rainbow.

People were very happy with all this beauty and improving the world in which we live, began to build factories, cars, ships and all sorts of other, very necessary in the life of modern mechanisms. Technical progress until captured both adults and children that they began to forget about everything and admired the pristine nature without leaving your home, using TVs and computers.

Pipe mills produced clouds of smoke, and the production poured their waste into the local river. And then Systemrack offended by people and, finding himself not need and went far away into the dense forest. And steel clouds are not blue, but gray. And steel lake is not transparent blue, and dirty… But no one noticed the change.

In the rare hours of summer rest of the family went to swim and sunbathe, broke branches and lit bonfires. They, without hesitation, left the wrappers from chocolates and sausages, empty bottles and plastic bags. And in the winter ruthlessly cut down green trees and fir trees, ejecting them right after the holidays. Soon the whole earth was covered with garbage… the Green bit long tried to defend their right to exist in this world, creating a world society of lovers of nature, in other words “green”. But all was in vain: most people were too busy… and Then the Green bit behind the blue went into the dense forest. And disappeared from the planet green trees and grass. Without greenery there was no flowers, no berries, no vegetables, no fruit. Indeed, a tree without leaves will never bear fruit!

As time went on… People have been making new discoveries, were satisfied and happy. They learned how to create artificial products and cultivated them. Was angry and the three bright colors: Red, Orange and Yellow and also went to the edge of the earth into the dense forest.

At the same moment the sun disappeared and the moon… And people have only four colors: white, grey, brown and black. Some of the most helpful people began to notice that was not fun to live with, as gray and boring. Unable to withstand the unfair comments, the White bit gathered in the road after the others. And as soon as she left, immediately went black snow, and the cows stopped giving milk… then a white light was not white and not sweet.

Animals, found out that somewhere on Earth is a dense forest in which they live, colorings, went in search of them. Because the animals like to eat, and without green grass and blue clear water it was hard for them.

And seeing how all animals leave people, some “grey” uncle shouted: “there Comes an ecological disaster. ” And suddenly, on television, radio and on the Internet there were his words. And when people looked around, then realized that they had lost something very important, namely: the colors of life!

They went out into the street, and faint from hunger and cold, began to put things on the planet. Cleared fields and lakes, forests and streams. Invented air and underwater filters that do not release harmful substances, and recycle them. People began to pay more attention to nature and to each other and then gradually paint back from the primeval forest. And once again the sun shone, and murmured streams, flew colorful butterflies in honey fields. And then the animals began again to feed and clothe all of humanity. And “grey” uncle was elected President. If not for him, we would be left of the planet is just a small patch of dense forest on the edge of the earth, which would not be the people.”

… The morning came. Vanya didn’t know, told that story grandma or was it such an extraordinary dream, but one thing he knew for sure, without any painting nature will be bland and dull that we must cherish and preserve it every day!

. Brother quietly woke Alenka, put it by the window, picked up the paint and began to teach her to draw.

– Look, it’s the Sun! It’s big and yellow! And that leaves, they are green! And this clouds so blue…

– How cool! said Alenka – that we live in such a colorful and beautiful world!

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