The Most unusual holidays

An overview of the most unusual festivals of the world will start with Japan.

Holiday Naki Sumo

Unusual holiday Naki Sumo on another festival called crying babies and is held in Japan for the past 4 centuries. This feast is traditionally held in Tokyo at the temple of Sensoji. It involves sumo wrestlers and young children under the age of 1 year.

Sumo wrestlers take the hands of kids, two go to the judges and stand facing each other, holding children. The aim of the contest is to as quickly as possible to make the child cry. The baby that cried the first, is declared the winner. But if both the baby began to cry at the same time, the winner is the one who is crying louder. If the kids did not want to cry, the judge puts on a scary mask and begins to frighten babies.

Don’t know about you, but I would this holiday event is not called. From my point of view, this is rather a mockery of young children. But in Japan, it has a completely different meaning. There it is believed that a child crying is able to scare away evil spirits, so that the children will grow stronger. Therefore, Japanese parents believe that participation and victory in the festival of crying, will help their child grow up healthy.

Will continue the story about the most unusual holidays travel to Spain.

Festival “La Tomatina”

This is one of the most fun Spanish holidays dedicated to the departing flight, celebrated in the last week of August and takes place in the town of Buñol, which is located in the East of Spain. This holiday Spaniards celebrate since 1940.

Every year on the feast of “La Tomatina” attracts tens of thousands of people.

The fun begins when the town square is declared “tomato battle”. For her special trucks bring “weapons” — 100 tons of ripe tomatoes. To avoid injury, tomatoes first knead. When the battle starts, all the participants start throwing these mashed tomatoes at each other. The rules of the battle is very simple: to throw each other can only tomatoes, it is forbidden to tear the clothes on the opponents and prevent movement of trucks moving the tomatoes.

This tomato fight lasts 2 hours. Then all participants can swim in a pool of tomato juice. And when the celebration is over, everyone can take a shower. For this purpose on the area, there are special shower cubicles.

And you wouldn’t want to take part in such an unusual holiday? I for some reason after the story about this festival came up with the phrase “each one is going crazy”. But I do not mean by this phrase a negative meaning. I understand that some people, for example, after tedious work in the office, sometimes you need to relax. Where they will have the ability to run someone with a tomato?

Because the site is dedicated to my family and all that goes with it, I could not sidestep this unusual festival, championship wearing wives.

Championship wearing wives

Came up with this championship in Finland. But then it’s fun spread across many countries and now the Championships wearing wives are held in countries such as USA, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia and South Korea.

What is the essence of this unusual holiday?

Based on this holiday tradition coming from ancient times. According to these traditions future wives had to steal. I think this tradition is familiar to many. Now, in this championship husbands holding their wives, have to overcome a very challenging 250-meter track with various obstacles (for example, it can be a pit filled with water).

It is clear that if to hold his wife in his arms, to perform this difficult task almost impossible, so husbands are wives on the back.

Little weight the couple in this championship is not an advantage, as all women whose weight is less than 49 kg “heavier” with the help of a backpack. In different countries make up their own additional restrictions. For example, to participate in the championship allow only couples who have lived together for more than one year.

Each championship is very lively and fun, but if you look on the other hand, overall in this competition, a little romance, because, since distance with challenging obstacles, men often fall and drop their ladies. So no championship is not without scratches, abrasions and bruises.

But since this unusual holiday was so widespread in many countries, so there are a lot of his fans, and couples who wish to participate in this event, are not afraid of possible unpleasant consequences.

To conclude my overview of the most unusual holidays I want in Thailand.

Monkey buffet

Unusual monkey Banquet is held annually in November in the Thai city of Lopburi.

For reference: lop Buri is also called the city of the apes. In it, they are home to more than 2,000, and all of them are full-fledged residents of the city and move calmly through the streets. It attracts tourists to this small town.

So, back to the holiday. On this day in the city near the dilapidated temple is a huge plate with vegetables, fruits and rice. The diameter of this dish is even difficult to imagine – almost 7 m! And the total weight of the products lying on that giant plate – 2000 kg!

First is opening Banquet: young people marching with placards, Thai dance dancers. At this time the monkeys are somewhat insecure and don’t know what to do. Then the bravest of them start to get close to the plate, grab the food and run. Then the other monkeys are slowly beginning to realize what a gift they cooked and we move from the ruins closer to the serving table.

And then begins the real monkey holiday – they scream, they throw each other products, fight, make love… But on this day, they are forgiven all. Thanks to the monkeys this little town of Lopburi became a tourist destination.

When the meal is finished, full, happy and mellow monkey switch their attention to watching this show people. Macaques are starting to get people on the head, allow yourself to pet and photograph.

Here are the most unusual festivals of the world for you I picked up today. And what holiday do you consider the most unusual? And what holiday would you like to participate? Waiting for your comments.

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