The Most unusual festivals

Almost a couple of months back I told you about some of the amazing holiday in the world: the monkey feast in India, throwing pumpkins in the U.S., the festival of colors in India, Orange slaughter in Italy. also in a separate article devoted to the Festival «La Tomatina» in Colombia. So friends here I looked for another 9 very breathtaking festivals around the world. I wish to share them with you. Start…

1. Naki Sumo festival of crying babies (Japan)

No matter what a mom feels bad when her child cries, but during this festival a resounding cry is a huge advantage. Every year in the castle Sensoji in Tokyo, is more than 400 years of history, which aims to calm cranky babies and keep them healthy. Two adult sumo fighter lifts him into the air samll children and grimaces trying to scare them to such a degree, that baby roared all he was worth. The arbitrator listens intently to both children and determines the favorite. Ancestors voluntarily give their own children for a role in this competition, believing that it helps to ward off evil spirits and protect them through life. This year in Naki Sumo involves more than 80 kids under the age of one year.

Translation Kanamara Matsuri means “festival of the steel phallus”, which occurs once a year in the Japanese town of Kawasaki. This is the phallus during the festival is everywhere – in the form of statues, pictures, candy, decorations and even costumes. This event is caused by the cult of worship of body parts men appeared among the representatives of the oldest profession who are convinced, with the help of such worship and prayers you can protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. Apart from this, the worship of the phallus, according to local beliefs, brings good fortune in business, health, ward off evil spirits (where without it?) and very very helpful in a successful marriage. Nowadays this festival is the main attraction for tourists and the method of collecting funds for the development of pharmaceuticals against AIDS.

3. Rapa das Bestas – horse wrestling (Spain)

Old festival in Spanish Galicia – a historical tradition for the taming of the demons, rooted in the depths of centuries, right up to the bronze age. The purpose of the presentation – naked hands to fill up an unbroken stallion to the ground and cut off a piece of hair from the mane and tail of the animal. Allowed to use only their hands, feet and courage After the animal is defeated, he is released, so as not to cause harm, then the festival lasts for a number of days.

4. Egg festival (USA)

It’s totally not eating eggs or tossing chicken eggs how to loaf. Once a year in August in the South American state of Montana there is a big festival, which is prepared for about 15,000 bull testicles. These extraordinary products are prepared, fried, marinated and frozen, that came the greatest abundance of food. For a role in the festival participants must be 21 years of age, and not counting the bull testicles served other, more exotic dishes.

5. Cast elk droppings (AK)

In honor of the official animal of Alaska in one of the small cities is a strange festival. In the framework of a huge number of moose dung runs on a balloon in the air, then cleared down. I’m not sure I understood the rules of this competition, but in case of contact with droppings at some symbol on earth favorite receives a prize of $ 1,000. Except during extraordinary events plays

live music, sport contests and works fair where you can buy decorations made from natural, ecologically clean elk droppings. Just romance!

6. Boring – festival of dirt (South Korea)

Every year during summer in the South Korean town of Boring (Boryeong) is an extraordinary festival. Its history is very young, 1st time this event was released in 1998, and in 2006 to participate in and look at mud fights has arrived one and a half million people. Especially for this town dug the dirt, brought in specially prepared places, the so-called “Mud Experience Land”, where any participant can dirt to stick close to their own

The Moors against the Christians (Spain)

In the mountain town Alcoy in Spain for 3 days – 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April is continuously happening festival-reconstruction of the famous battle between the Moors, who are attacking the city, and Christians protecting it from invasion. All participants consumed a corresponding era gear, and a fully natural way fight with the introduction of cool weapons, especially blunt, so as not to hurt somebody. The event involved all residents of the town and circles, all the streets of the town will be transformed into an arena of combat and the views, and in the last day, April 24, there was the reconstruction of the famous battle in which Christians visibly Maurus from almost captured the town.

Argungu – true fishermen (Nigeria)

The city of Argungu in the Northwest Nigerian province of Kebbi – ordinary fishing village, nothing special stands out. But once a year there is a big competition – Argungu International Fishing Festival where the true fishermen compete to see who will catch the biggest fish naked hands. All this is watched local krasotki that such makarom choose for themselves the most experienced groom.

The festival with the unpronounceable title one of the most unique and recognizable in Hong Kong. He is on a small Peninsula Cheung Chau, where once a year attracts thousands of tourists to watch and cheer on the 1st of the hundreds of guys participating in the competition. The essence of it is that you need to climb a 20-metre tower, hung with plastic “bread rolls” and find more of them in special pouches behind. Who will score more until the buns will end – and he won. The old timers say that this festival has been held for a long time, and is intended to scare away evil spirits and so on and so forth, but at the current time it has most likely aesthetic and tourist value.

The most noteworthy facts

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