The Most interesting progressive electronic music festivals

World stars, light and laser shows, audio and video installations are some of the most progressive festivals. Today a review of the most interesting events in the world of electronic music .

Ultra Music Festival

One of the world’s largest electronic music festival, named “Best international dance festival” by the Ibiza DJ Awards in 2008 and also received the award for “Best musical event” International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) six years: in 2005 and 2007-2011.

It is so important musical event that in 2011, about him made a film Can U Feel It. To see the significance of the festival may 28-30 March in Miami. Last year the stage erected in the Park Bayport, hosted the stars of world size. For three days, took the stage about 100 leading artists playing in various genres of dance music, for example, were Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, David Guetta, Carl Cox. And in 2012 at the Ultra Music Festival was even Madonna – she introduced Avicii, who created a Remix for her song Girl Gone Wild. Not surprisingly, the festival annually attracts more than 300 thousand visitors.

And Ultra Music Festival is a spectacular show of light projectors, a giant hologram, iridescent in the air, the lights, rising to the sky, fireworks, fireworks, huge screens with video clips, sheaves of smoke. The festival has several stages and one of the scenes you’ll be in the hangar, the walls of which are continuously shimmer from within.

The ticket price . 400 dollars for a 3-day concert

The Sensation

Global event in the world of trance and house, which each year brings together about 50 thousand people. This time the festival will take place at Amsterdam Arena on July 5. Sensation – the Kingdom of ultraviolet radiation, a Grand audiovisual production value in millions of euros. Great scenery, incredible stage and thousands of people, dressed all in white, plunge you into a world of magic and stunning music.

The 2014 program organizers have not yet announce, but we know that futuristic atmosphere Sensation will be created using thousands of light devices and laser shows, pyrotechnic effects. White smoke, “fire” waterfalls, stunts, dancers and acrobats, “flying” through the air, and all the whole night.

In 2013 the program Into The Wild scenery turned the scene into the jungle; under the ceiling soared 350-meter white Cobra, and 24 fountain was released into the air jet of water. And, of course, not without fireworks show. Brand Sensation is so powerful that today the festival takes place not only in the Netherlands but also in many other countries – from Thailand to Russia. For example, witness Into The Wild may June 7 in St. Petersburg. Well, as the Sensation this year celebrates the 15th anniversary, we can expect even more ambitious show than usual.

The ticket price . from 195 € (the price includes accommodation in a hotel)

Festival Tomorrowland

The Tomorrowland festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. It will be held in the Park DreamVille, located in the Belgian town of Boom, and will last two weekend from 18 to 20 July and from 25 to 27 July. The Grand event: in 2013 Tomorrowland was attended by a record number of guests – about 185 thousand people. Especially for visitors, the airline Brussels Airlines has introduced 140 additional flights from 67 cities.

This year organizers expect about 360 thousand guests. The names of the DJs of the festival is still unknown, but there is no doubt will be all the fun of different styles and genres. Because ninth festival Tomorrowland gathered superstars, including Armin van Buuren and Hardwell. Not surprisingly, as soon as the official video of the festival appeared on YouTube it has been watched by 5 million people in two days. Tomorrowland is always surprising in its scenery.

The theme of the festival – fairy-and-elf: locks, wrought-iron bridges, huge butterflies, huge screens with ever-changing video. So, last year part of the scene was a giant sun, whose rays night change their color. Fountains on the water, millions of soap bubbles in the air, fireworks, fire shows are also part of the entourage. By nightfall, literally the entire territory Tomorrowland began to glow. But technology does not stand still – and this year should be ready for surprises. It is already known that in honor of the 10th anniversary of the festival will be created giant bridge – the symbol of unity of different Nations. If you write a message to the world, we will also participate in the project: it will be engraved on this bridge.

The ticket price . from 1050 Euro (the price includes flights and hotel accommodation)

Sonar – festival progress

One of the major musical events – Sonar, which this year will take place in Barcelona from 12 to 14 June. This progressive festival where you can not only enjoy DJ-sets, but also to plunge into the world of multimedia art. Here in the space of about 10 thousand m2 of exhibitions, conferences, screenings, master classes for visitors.

Specially made for the Sonar audio and video installations; demonstrates ultra-modern gadgets. You can draw on a huge touchscreen, to play a set on the technique, which is still not commercially available, or even compose music, moving her fingertips, hands and feet – it created a huge interactive screens with touch-sensors that respond to movement. Music – all the actual sounds day and night. The festival is divided into two parts: Sonar by Day (day) and Sonar by Night (nocturnal).

Play everything from house to electrocute and digital concretism. Are the most progressive DJs: there are new names are iconic performers, even speaking solo, to collect tens of thousands of people. So, on Sonar-2014 will play the pioneers of trip-hop Massive Attack. Happens exclusive the emergence of the canadian DJ Richie Hawtin is a cult figure of technoscan, which is experimenting with ambient, trance, techno.

All this at the Barcelona festival, come more than 80 thousand people. But this year, sónar will take place not only in Spain. If you are for some reason uncomfortable ride in the Catalan capital, you can visit the Sonar festival in Stockholm, Reykjavik, Tokyo, Mexico city or even in the South African Cape town.

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