The Most beautiful flower festivals in the world

Love flowers and travel? Then you definitely need to visit the festival of colors. In this review you will learn when and where will be the best flower festivals in the world in 2014.

Royal flower Park Keukenhof (Netherlands, 20 March – 18 may)

Keukenhof is called the huge flower Park in the world. The exhibition area is comparable to half of the Neskuchny garden in Moscow. The Park is located near Amsterdam, near the town of Lisse. Visit it annually, more than 800,000 tourists.

The main pride of the Park – tulips and other bulbous flowers that are planted annually over 7 million units. Theme Park in 2014 – the Netherlands. Throughout the Park will host national symbols of different eras of this country.

Flower festival in Madeira, Portugal, may 1-7)

For the whole week in Funchal there are numerous parades, performances and concerts. May 3, more than a thousand children with flowers will pass through the center of the city to lay flowers at the Wall of Hope.

Flower market, art exhibitions of the work of florists, artists and designers — the peculiarity of this festival. But the main jewel of the festival — floral parade, which this year will take place on 4 may.

The Bloemencorso Bollenstreek flower parade (Noordwijk-Haarlem, Netherlands, may 3)

The Bloemencorso Bollenstreek flower parade will be held in the Park of Keukenhof. You can admire the colourful procession, consisting of a unique self-propelled 20 platforms, 30 cars and sometimes boats, covered with flower arrangements. All this equipment will be a journey of about 40 miles.

Flower festival in London, UK, 20-24 may)

“Great Spring Show” has been held since 1862 and these days attracts more than 150,000 visitors. This year, more than 4 hectares of exhibition space to demonstrate the creation of 50 participants. Opening the festival will be marked by a concert at dusk.

Flower Festival Genzano Infiorata (Italy, 22-23 June)

The famous flower festival Infiorata florists and artists from around the world spread outside Belardo carpet of flower pictures. Every year, artists must withstand a certain theme, such as “shades of Michelangelo or Bernini style”. The florists work can be admired for 2 days, after which they will be dismantled by local schoolchildren.

The national Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC, USA, March 20 – April 13)

In the early 20th century the mayor of Tokyo as a sign of friendship and cooperation was presented to Washington of 3,000 cherry trees that were planted in the center of the city. Since then, every year Washington celebrates the spring festival during the cherry blossom, which involved the whole town and more than 1.5 million visitors.

This year the festival will include exhibitions of art students of Washington, master classes on art cutting paper, several exhibitions dedicated to Japanese art, as well as numerous street performances, concerts and parties.

The rating of the flower festivals of Europe costabile based on the company Wimdu.

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