The Best ideas for summer parties

Summer is the perfect time to have fun, have fun, relax, meet with friends – and it does not need any specific reason. After all, on a warm summer evening there is nothing better than to gather around a big bonfire and sing songs under a guitar, fresh potatoes, or a little effort, I had to be creative and make a luxurious tropical vacation without leaving your country site. All you need is warm weather, holiday decorations, themed food, drinks and some ideas for hosting a party. In order to simplify your task, we made a small digest of the best ideas for summer parties. In this collection you will be able to briefly familiarize yourself with the most popular worldwide ideas summer activities and find something that will delight you and your friends. More detailed information about every party you will find on our website.

Cocktail party

Cocktail parties are a great way to relax and unwind with friends or for meetings with business partners, or a combination of both. They can be held both outdoors and indoors. Whether it’s an early lunch or a late dinner – doesn’t matter either.

Cocktail party includes mixed drinks, light snacks and informal atmosphere. Guests can mingle while enjoying a variety of cocktails, produced by a professional bartender. But if you want to do everything themselves, without the help of a professional, it is quite possible. Just need some time to prepare, learn drink recipes (which today is not a problem – you will always the Internet), buy the right ingredients and just learn how to mix them properly and serve. When planning such a party, you should exit the calculation – at least three drinks per guest.

As for the food, you decide – whether it is a chic table with a variety of heavy meals or just light snacks such as sandwiches, canapés, cheese, crackers and fruit. The main attention is usually paid to cocktails, good music, dancing and conversation.

Disco party

The glasses in the form of a shimmering disco balls, pictures, with sequins on the plates and cups, napkins in the style of the 70s is what your guests will definitely appreciate such a party, of course, if they ever leave the dance floor to eat or drink. But ware is just the beginning, the theme of the Disco is determined by the table setting, decoration of the dance floor, prompts and frivolous suits in the spirit of the time.

Disco lights and disco balls, streamers and balloons, Afro-wigs and huge jewelry will help you create a festive and enchanting atmosphere that will immerse your guests.

Disco party is perfect for relaxing with friends, you can also arrange for family members or work colleagues born in the era of disco.

To create such a party, all you need to think in advance and agree on – from invitations and decorations to a selection of themed playlist with some music or search DJ – because to do something during the celebrations, you will fail – you’ll be too busy dancing.

Cowboy party

Invite your friends and family members on the cowboy party – and if you get it right I will think of and arrange a unforgettable evening of fun is guaranteed.

Even the most ordinary room, and especially the back yard or a secluded place on the beach can inexpensively be turned into the Wild West, just need a little effort and imagination. So, you will need – cactuses of different kinds and shapes (you can even inflatable), all kinds of bandanas, cowboy hats, carved figures of animals (especially horses), horseshoes. Bales of hay arranged with imagination will add a touch of the Wild West atmosphere of your holiday. And don’t forget to buy a Sheriff’s badges for your guests. Beer and chips is quite suitable for modest snacks.

One of the important components of Cowboy party should become game-match between the guests, after all, what’s a cowboy without gambling horse racing and victories.

Starting from the invitation cards with slogans such as “there will be a meeting of all the cowboys on the ranch… the Meeting at the saloon!” hung up posters with photos of guests and the words “Wanted for a reward!” – all must conform to the spirit of the time.

Hawaiian party

What is a summer without the luau. Hawaiian theme parties are one of the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide. They are perfect for birthdays, parties at the pool, weddings, anniversaries or just a summer get-togethers and picnics.

Important thing in creating the luau is to find a suitable place, where you “build” a tropical beach. This must be the place near the pool or lake. Or yard with lots of flowers. In creating the atmosphere you can help: tropical flowers (hibiscus), torches, beach balls, umbrellas, shells, sand, ukulele, parrots, paper lanterns, colored beach towels.

Staples on your table should be fruits: coconuts, mangoes, bananas.

In the pool you can add blue food coloring to make it look more like a tropical lagoon. Lower water floating candles in glass bowls.

Do not forget to inform the guests about the costumes. Suitable straw hats, grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and floral dresses, swimwear. A necessary element for the luau are necklaces and garlands of flowers. They can be worn around the neck, on the head in the form of wreaths, on the hands and feet as bracelets.

Interesting point: the flowers in the hair are known Hawaiian tradition with meaning. On the right side of them are if a man is alone, and on the left if he has a significant other.

Mexican party

Don’t know how to celebrate an important event in your life or just want to spend a fun summer evening? Invite your Amigos Mexican Fiesta!

You can easily find a Mexican-themed paper flowers, napkins and pinata to decorate the table. And in accordance with a relaxed atmosphere that will reign in your party, you can forget about the correct alignment of the glasses and plates and focus on what you put.

Assortment of Mexican dishes for dinner parties, too, will not cause you too much strain. Enough to buy Nachos with guacamole, cheese Quesadillas, Tacos and wash it down with lemonade or “Margarita”. Guests must be dressed in Mexican costumes: straw hat Sambrero, wide t-shirts with a fringe, layered skirt, cowboy boots…

And most importantly – music! Mexican “Macarena” and “Besame Mucho” can be supplemented with modern melodies “hot” countries.

And don’t forget about the contests. After all the hot men and passionate women of Mexico can’t sit still, invite them in any contest – and your party will be held at the “Cheers!”

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