The Amur autumn” announced the names of the guests

The thirteenth festival of cinema and theatre «the Amur autumn” will begin a week before the opening ceremony. The first starship troopers from 15 artists headed by the President of festival Sergey Novozhilov landed in Blagoveshchensk on September 4.

This week the darling of the public Marina Yakovleva, Yuri Nazarov, Tatyana Konyukhova, Pavel Novikov and many other artists will travel to all districts of the Amur region with concerts and creative meetings.

The opening ceremony of the festival will be held September 12 in the socio-cultural centre of Blagoveshchensk. It’ll be conducted by Sergey Novozhilov with the people’s artist of Russia legendary TV presenter angelina Vovk. At the concert amercana will see many youth stars, Rodion Gazmanov, Alexei Vorobyov, Larissa shakhvorostov, Sergey, Makhovikov, Natalia Gromushkina.

I sounding names will delight viewers and closing “Autumn”, scheduled for September 20. It will feature the participation of the favorites of the audience Dmitry Kharatyan, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Vlad Sokolovsky, Lisa Arzamasova, Maria Poroshina and others.

— It is very difficult to attract to the festival for those who weren’t here yet, in 12 years we conveyed to you almost all — with a smile admitted the President of festival Sergey Novozhilov. — Probably not come only those who are afraid to fly on airplanes! But this year will be a surprise. Member of the jury of the competition films famous film Director Alexander Stefanovich also fly on airplanes. He will come to the festival across the country by train!

It is worth noting that this year one of the members of the jury enterprising performances became the chief editor of “Amur truth” Elena Pavlova.

Favorite tragicomedy

In the competition of the enterprise will involve 9 plays, one with Olga Kabo and Valery Barinov will show out of competition. Literary-musical production of “You don’t become a memory.” on the works of famous poets of the time will be devoted to the Year of literature.

Enterprise show will be opened by the tender performance of “Selfish” with Vlad Kotlyarska Alexander and Vladimir Bobrov, Veklenko starring. “Absolutely not trivial statement. Fans of the TV series “Capercaillie” should be like” — described the work of Sergey.

Another competitive performance — “the bounds of decency” — will present the cast, never been on the “Amur autumn”, — Dmitry Ulyanov, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Natalya Antonova. Star cast headed by Mikhail Efremov, Mikhail appearance and Maria Kazakova will show the famous story of “Chapaev and emptiness” . Touching nostalgic story in the genre of tragicomedy “Unfinished novel” will play Yaroslav Boyko and Maria Poroshina. A witty play about two friends “Serena and Victoria” will present new faces on the “Amur autumn” actress Olesya Zheleznyak and Tatiana Kravchenko. Unlike yourself Marat Basharov will appear in the sitcom “Sublimation of love” . Bright burlesque history “Conspiracy English” will show Tatiana lutaeva, Agniya Ditkovskite, Lisa Arzamasova, Philip Pale, Sergey Aldonin. The biggest drama production will become “Not a phone conversation.” with Dmitry Haratyan written based on the novel by Edward Radzinsky, “Olga Sergeevna”. Actor Sergey Gorobchenko debut in the entreprise with the performance they help traders night . The company is on the stage he will be Alena Khmelnitskaya and Tatyana Arntgolts.

This year at the request of the inhabitants of the Annunciation of the neighborhood recitals will be held not only in the Amur regional Philharmonic society, but in the cinema “Harbin”. With your favorite artists amercana will meet from 14 to 19 September. Season opens with the soulful evenings talented family tandem Larissa shakhvorostov and Sergey Makhovikov. Singing spouses will suit the audience of the musical evening.

Two concerts, in the regional capital and Belogorsk, will give the famous guest of the festival Yuri Stoyanov. Also on 18 September, he will participate in the evening the House of actors. Also it will be the star of the musicals Elena Charkviani, representatives of the Moscow operetta Svetlana Vergasova and Yuri Vedeneev, actress of the Moscow theatre of satire Zoya Zelinskaya, people’s artist of Russia Yuri Vasiliev and Yuri Afanasiev, bard Sergey Nikitin. The evening will present artistic Director of the House actor and Director, transmission “6 shots” Alexander Zhigalkin.

One of the most anticipated bouts will be recitals of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Dmitry Haratyan. In the cinema hall “Harbin” with their programs will perform and Valentina Valentina Talyzina Telichkina.

Movie selection

The movie contest will consist of 12 paintings, which will be held from 13 to 19 September. Now the film is still selected. While the names of only three paintings. Among them “the Cage” directed by Ella Arkhangelskaya, filmed on the novel “the Meek” by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Also the film Georgy Parajanov’s “autumn in his heart” . created based on the novels written by the famous MIME Leonid Engibarov. See amursana and drama of Natalia Kudryashova “Pioneer heroes” .

— I hope that the festival will be presented and your neighbors-the Yakuts, — said Sergey Novozhilov. Yakut cinema is now a phenomenon in the Russian cinema.

Cynosure this year will be headed by Director and screenwriter Alexander Mindadze. Also competition films will be judged by the rector of the higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors Faith Semenova, Director of Moschino Vasilisa Arestova, film critic Irina Rubanova, actress Natalya Varley, actor Paul Trubner and film Director Alexander Stefanovich.

Tickets at the old prices

Tickets for recitals and performances will be on sale at the ticket office of the Amur regional Philharmonic society, and the EAC, the cinema “Harbin” and Amur oblast drama theatre from 1 July. Prices for the performances will start from 800 rubles. The ticket price for creative meetings with artists ranging from 500 to 1500 rubles. Tickets for the screenings, according to the organizers, will be on sale closer to the middle of August. Prices for sessions will remain the same — from 200 to 300 rubles. “Everything at this venue, which are educational in nature and dedicated to the Year of literature in Russia and the centennial film Studio Gorky, will be free for organized groups Annunciation school students,” added Executive Director of the festival Olga Smirnova.

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