Summary of the lesson of the world

1. To give an idea of the political map.

2. To acquaint with some countries, the customs of different peoples.

3. To develop children interest in learning different cultures.

4. To foster a tolerant attitude to people of other nationalities, their customs and culture.

1. Organizational moment.

Greeting guests

We welcome you in our class!

Perhaps there are classes and better and more beautiful.

But suppose that in our class you will be bright,

Let it be comfortable and very easy!

Entrusted to us to meet you today,

Let us begin the lesson, let’s not waste time.

– Guys! Say Hello to our guests. Turn and face me. Let’s hope that the mood of our guests has improved, and they will be happy to relax in our class and rejoice in our successes.

2. Updating knowledge.

And now we remember why we had met in the last lesson. Take a look at the illustrations on the Board. Slide 3.

As we relax?

3. The announcement of the theme of the lesson.

Read the proverb: “Every soul happy holiday”. Slide 4. How do you know? What do you think is the theme of our today’s lesson?

We find out what are the holidays as they are celebrated not only in Russia but also in other countries. Look at the map. Slide 5. On it different colors not shown mountains and plains, and different countries. This card is called political map of the world.

On earth there are many States. Each has its own territory, the capital of the border. States are large and small. Between States a lot in common, but has its own laws, usages, customs and traditions.

Tell me, please, how do you understand the words tradition and customs? Slide 6.

The house you drew their favorite events, tell about it.

Today we go on an interesting journey, you will visit different countries. Success awaits those who will be curious, attentive and active.

What means of transport we will use in our journey. A riddle:

What kind of bird, not singing songs, the nest does not twist, people and freight is lucky. Well done. So, in a way!

The first country where we will go, will be Italy (from the Board removed the white sheet and open country). Find her on the map (in each group on the Desk). That resembles the shape of this country?

The Italians are very emotional people. One of the Italian dance called “Tarantella”. Slide 7.

Do you know how much fun in Italy to celebrate the New year? Slide 8,9,10,11.

Student 1 . In Italy New year begins on January 6th. All the Italian kids look forward to the good fairy Befana. She arrives at night on a broomstick, opens the door with a small key and entered the room where children sleep, filled with baby gifts stockings, specially hanging from the fireplace. Someone who is not learning and Shalit, the fairy leaves a pinch of ash and ember.

You lie on the desks details of the pictures, you need to make a pattern and glue them on a sheet of paper. Attached to the Board. Note Italy map flag.

Next country where we will go, will Holland. Slide 12,13,14,15.

Student 2: One of the famous festivals in this country is the day of Saint Nicholas or Sinterklaas. This day is celebrated on a Grand scale. December 6 Saint Nicholas night down the chimney pipes in the house to put gifts in children’s shoes, and takes the straw and carrots prepared by the children for his horse.

Similar mosaic work. Each group attaches your drawing around the country map on the Board. Note the Netherlands flag on the map.

And now we will go to Israel. Slide 16,17,18,19,20.

Student 3: Sukkot is celebrated for 7 days. At this time, the tradition should leave the house and live in a tent. People are building in their garden, small huts and lay the table. It reminds residents the lives of their ancestors.

Mosaic work. To assemble the tent and glued onto a sheet of paper. Attach the Board to note the country on the map.

And now look at the pictures and guess which country we will complete our journey? Slide 21,22,23,24,25,26,27. (Russia).

We fly over the capital of our country. What is the name of this city? (Moscow).

The land of Russia is not only beautiful, but also very rich. Russia – country of the multinational. Interesting and colorful traditions in Russia. For example, of the winter.

Student 4: For this holiday did an effigy made of straw, dressed it in a sundress. The Scarecrow wore the village with songs. Around him danced. Night threw the dummy into the river or burned.

Mosaic work, students attach on the Board the figure and note the Russian flag on the map.

In Russia there is a dance. Dance it, standing in a circle. Guessed, what kind of dance are we talking about?

The slide 28.

Disminuci. Dance to the song.

We complete our journey.

What do you think, why we study the traditions of not only our country, but other Nations? (The responses. If you want to go to another camp, you must know the customs of this country, of understanding, of communication).

Can you believe that one nation is better than another? (That’s right, we should respect the customs and culture of each nation).

You on the tables envelopes in them. Form a series of numbers in ascending order, and now the turn card.

In children it turns out the word TOLERANCE.

As you understand what it means? (Here is a difficult, long word denotes respect, patience with the customs and culture of people of other nationalities).

We must be tolerant to each other.

Read the word again, remember it.

Tell me, did you like today’s trip?

List the countries we visited.

What new word did you meet?

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