Festivals and carnivals

The main Festival events will be held, as always, excellent interiors Shuvalovsky Palace (nab. reki Fontanki, d. 21), in the heart of the Venice of the North. Another indicator of high ranking International Coffee Festival in St. Petersburg is conducting the St. Petersburg round of the Russian Barista championship 2006.in the framework of the VII International Coffee Festival

8 international women’s festival – 13 August 2006 INBI Club for many years engaged in serious work connected with the study and restoration knowledge and practices used by women of various world traditions for understanding and development of their nature. On this subject our center publishes books and training videos, expeditions are organized in the various parts of the world where this knowledge is still preserved, seminars and regular classes

Rock festival 8 -1 0 June, Sweden, Solvesborg

Festival : “the Festival was a great success. Everything was  The team from Russia was small but friendly. Everyone who has not done this time, but going on SwedenRock’2006 follow the news on the website. Report on SwedenRock’in July .”

Flower festival in Madeira Continue reading

Crazy holidays of the peoples of the world

1. Tomatina (Tomatina) in the village of buñol — famous “tomato massacre”. This is one of the most popular holidays in Spain. Annually it is visited by about 36 thousand people. On special trucks to the site of the battle bring a “weapon” — about 100 tons of ripe tomatoes. The rules here are pretty simple — you can throw tomatoes at anyone, importantly, to avoid injury, tomatoes need a good stretch. Also it is impossible to tear the opponents clothes and throw something else, except the tomatoes, in spite of all the excitement that undoubtedly cover rivals. After the battle the wash area from the hose, the participants are washed in a specially installed for that bathroom stall or just go swimming in the river.

2. The annual festival of The Summer Redneck Games in Georgia, USA, the apotheosis of which is the competition pluginu in liquid clay (Mud Pit Belly Flop under the joyful screams of the fans. Special delight of the audience causes the clay rain sheds at all after a particularly loud dip competing in the red goo.

3. Marsh Zombie March in Boston. The centre on this day flooded beings, allegedly went in search of their victims. Some “zombie” I prefer to dress up in a bloody wedding suits and rubber masks, others depict the living dead, moving like Continue reading

Carnival of New Orleans

Hedonists around the world seek to New Orleans. Not surprisingly, the city designed for pleasure: exquisite French architecture pleases the eye, a rich cuisine of the American South seduces on gluttony and captivate the heart of romantic and vicious.

• New Orleans located in the South of USA in the state of Louisiana. The city was founded by the French adventurer Jean Baptiste by Lemoine, and the French in 1803 purchased. The French influence is felt here and now, especially in a strange neighborhood boring skyscrapers of downtown full of romance and the French quarters. After the transfer of U.S. cities, the local population and did not think to move elsewhere.

• Enterprising Europeans engaged in what could be done at home – began to open restaurants. Today, these restaurants in New Orleans more than a thousand, and they became one of the main attractions of this corner of America.

• & carnival there too, thanks to the French. They say it was first organized in 1827 by a group of students. Young people came back from Paris, where he’s trained, and organized before Lent masquerade costume, the same as they had seen there. And they called the carnival as it was called in Paris – Mardi Gras, which in French means “Fat Tuesday”. Innovation had the taste of the inhabitants of New Orleans, and in 1833, a rich plantation owner Bernard Xavier de Marigny Continue reading

Unusual holidays

Agree that life without holidays boring and monotonous. Holiday – this is a great opportunity to have a good time, chat with friends, handing a close person nice souvenir or an exclusive gift. There are so many holidays: family, state, professional, international, religious. But there is in the calendar of unusual holidays that are difficult to attribute to any particular group. We are not talking about such holidays as New year, March 8 and all others who have or have had public holidays. In our new segment, which we have called “Wacky holidays” we will acquaint you with interesting that mark the different people that inhabit our planet.

Let’s start with the fact that in the West series opens November holidays Day sandwich or in our sandwich Day. In Russia this holiday is celebrated numerous “McDonald’s”, in which the most popular sandwiches are burgers. Why is this honor a bun with a meat Patty in the middle and after whom the calendar, this day is marked as a public holiday? It turns out, sandwiches, food, have been known since the 1st century ad, when Hillel the Babylonian introduced an Easter tradition to wrap a mixture of chopped apples and nuts mixed with spices in a piece of matzah. Continue reading

20 of the craziest festivals in the world

The beginning of the coming year promises to be bright, as always, thanks to new year’s celebrations. But isn’t it limited? Not at all, to give yourself and your friends a lot of joy and festive mood you can at least all year round! Because, if you figure out it all consists of holidays, we just have to have time to participate in them. For advanced hikers, and anyone who loves to have fun, I found many of the most amazing festivals in the world. To visit any of them — such an event can be a great gift!

The festival of colors

It is conducted on the new moon, and it lasts 2 days, because according to the legend, killed the evil demon Holika, saved the world from evil, and on this day, celebrations are held in every city, they lit bonfires, symbolizing the end of winter and the death of evil spirits. In the morning, the fun begins — people go out and begin to wash each other’s colored with colored water and throw at each other with bright colored powders.

It is much more safe for clothes filipensky Panagbenga flower Festival in the Philippines. Dancer sprays out water during the Panagbenga flower festival, which is held every year Continue reading

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