Holidays and festivals of Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is famous for its colourful celebrations and festivals all over the world! Celebrate them here on a larger scale! Most of the festivals celebrated EN masse in the streets and accompanied with dancing, music, fireworks, carnivals and tasty treats! People’s faces full of smiles, joy and fun! However, every holiday or festival has its own characteristics and is carried out according to certain traditions.

Thais attach great importance to each event and memorable date. For them, the festival — is not only high Jinks, but also a sacred day, sereveny ritual and heartfelt emotions (even in relation to public holidays).

There are holidays, national, historical, national and religious. Thailand is characterized by friendliness and tolerance for all peoples and beliefs, so in addition to pure Thai dates, it is noted for the holidays such as Chinese and European New year, Christian Christmas, Hindu festivals and other. Also in each of the 76 provinces of Thailand have their own holidays.

Typically, holiday dates change each year, as celebrated according to the lunar calendar, and some of them are confined to weekends.

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Light sculptures and light garden show at the festival in Moscow

The third international festival “Circle of light” kicks off in Moscow on 4 October and runs until 8 October. During this time, citizens will be able to admire the bright, colorful light show that will unfold across five venues in the capital. What show and what venues will be held, how to get to these events, and who of foreign celebrities will take part in them, said in an interview to RIA Novosti the head of the Moscow Department for media and advertising Vladimir Chernikov.

– Vladimir Vasilevich, this year in Moscow for the third time will host the international festival “Circle of Light”. What’s new in this festival will see the Muscovites?

– First of all, I want to note that this year the opening ceremony of the festival will be held October 4th at the Olympic complex “Luzhniki”. Offers a terrific show “the Evolution of fire “. During the presentation the audience will be able to monitor the role of fire in different eras, ranging from ancient times to modern. For the show written original music, it involved drama actors, dance groups, musicians, circus performers – acrobats, trapeze artists, Continue reading


Festivalśl (FR. festival . from lat. festivus is a holiday) — mass festival, screening (review) achievements in music, theatre, variety, circus or cinema.

Originally music festivals in the early 18th century in Britain, which were musical. In the 20th century became widespread international festivals held between countries. In the UssR the first music festivals were held in 1930-ies. Most of the now well-known and popular festivals appeared in the 1950-ies. Their development and constantly increasing volume of activity associated not only with new types of spectacular communication in the structure of modern urban culture, but also with global political changes. At that time, adopted the concept of a single European space in which each country, preserving the historically established political institutions, national and cultural identity, is part of a General interstate space. Along with the formation of a new international political order and this has led to folding of the common European cultural space, in which the largest network of international festivals plays an important integrating role as a prestigious field for international artistic exchange, demonstration of the best achievements of national cultures.

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The Most unusual holidays

An overview of the most unusual festivals of the world will start with Japan.

Holiday Naki Sumo

Unusual holiday Naki Sumo on another festival called crying babies and is held in Japan for the past 4 centuries. This feast is traditionally held in Tokyo at the temple of Sensoji. It involves sumo wrestlers and young children under the age of 1 year.

Sumo wrestlers take the hands of kids, two go to the judges and stand facing each other, holding children. The aim of the contest is to as quickly as possible to make the child cry. The baby that cried the first, is declared the winner. But if both the baby began to cry at the same time, the winner is the one who is crying louder. If the kids did not want to cry, the judge puts on a scary mask and begins to frighten babies.

Don’t know about you, but I would this holiday event is not called. From my point of view, this is rather a mockery of young children. But in Japan, it has a completely different meaning. There it is believed that a child crying is able to scare away evil spirits, so that the children will grow stronger. Therefore, Japanese parents believe that participation and victory in the festival of crying, will help their child grow up healthy.

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How Carnival is celebrated around the world

O Carnival in Venice Is so different from others that stands out and draws crowds around the world. The celebration attracts an endless number of visitors that focus on Piazza San Marco. This carnival lasts ten days, and, here, it’s winter. People wear masks and costumes that try to mimic the style of the nobles who lived in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In 1797 celebrations were banned because of the killer began to wear masks to commit violent acts. The carnival was only released officially in 1999, after almost two centuries of absence.

In contrast to the lively music and loud carnivals elsewhere in Venice, people parade with the class to show all the fancy details. This contemplative rampant. Bauta . White mask, which allows revellers to eat and drink without having to accept it, is the most traditional for this event. Street blocks use a variety of costumes and dozens of boats participate in the party who only come for a walk, which, by using a mask.

What: the Celebration of carnival in the world

Where: Venice, Italy

Noisy carnival Tenerife

Photo: Disclosure / Tenerife Carnival

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