Jazz festivals in the summer

This summer, going on a trip, be sure to check out one of European jazz festivals in Rotterdam, on the French Riviera in Vienna, or perhaps in the suburbs of Lyon, where you will enjoy music in the Roman amphitheatre. Famous jazz festival in Montreux, Switzerland, will be held at 46 times: this year you will hear Jane Birkin and Bob Dylan.

Jazz has long enjoyed in the Old World no less popular than in their native States, and sometimes more – many famous American musicians permanently settled in Europe. So, one of the oldest Jazz festivals À Juan in the resort town of Juan-Les-Pins on the French Riviera, for the first time on 7 July 1960, the year after the death of the new Orleans clarinetist and saxophonist Sidney Bechet . who spent the last dozen years of his life, determined to remain in France after the unexpectedly successful performance in Paris.

This year the festival will be held for 10 days – from 12 to 22 July and will cover a variety of musical styles. With one hand in the program claimed such renowned jazz musicians as “the last of the Mohicans”, the colossus of the tenor saxophone Sonny Rollins . the trio enthusiastically babbling and meowing at the piano Keith Jarrett ( Gary peacock on bass and Jack DeJohnette drums), vocalist Bobby McFerrin (with Continue reading

The Most interesting progressive electronic music festivals

World stars, light and laser shows, audio and video installations are some of the most progressive festivals. Today a review of the most interesting events in the world of electronic music .

Ultra Music Festival

One of the world’s largest electronic music festival, named “Best international dance festival” by the Ibiza DJ Awards in 2008 and also received the award for “Best musical event” International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) six years: in 2005 and 2007-2011.

It is so important musical event that in 2011, about him made a film Can U Feel It. To see the significance of the festival may 28-30 March in Miami. Last year the stage erected in the Park Bayport, hosted the stars of world size. For three days, took the stage about 100 leading artists playing in various genres of dance music, for example, were Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, David Guetta, Carl Cox. And in 2012 at the Ultra Music Festival was even Madonna – she introduced Avicii, who created a Remix for her song Girl Gone Wild. Not surprisingly, the festival annually attracts more than 300 thousand visitors.

And Ultra Music Festival is a spectacular show of light projectors, a giant hologram, iridescent in the air, the lights, rising to the sky, fireworks, fireworks, huge screens with video clips, Continue reading

The history of Christmas carnivals

Carnivals are in Vogue. To deny it does not make sense. Venice, Rio de Janeiro, new York… Corporate Christmas party. children’s parties and family events… Snow white, evil, Cinderella, squirrels and bunnies, snowflakes and icicles.

Adults and children play. Masks hide your face. Dressing as an opportunity to implement the unfulfilled childhood dreams and fantasies. What can I say, for the carnival bright future. And no less significant past. About it today, and remember. For this reason we need to dress in medieval costumes, because in this era we go.

Medieval society was not spoiled for various events and parties.

The Church had over the people of enormous power, which has affected almost all aspects of human life. And, of course, fun Church, to put it mildly, were not favoured. For example, here is what they say about dancing in a medieval treatise the early 15th century: “the Dance is a circle (medieval dances were canavalis in a circle – a comment AVT.), where center is the devil himself”. The author of this work, referring to St. Augustine, and notices that dancing are allies of evil. However, no prohibitions could prevent the development of holidays, including carnival and culture Continue reading

Summary of the lesson of the world

1. To give an idea of the political map.

2. To acquaint with some countries, the customs of different peoples.

3. To develop children interest in learning different cultures.

4. To foster a tolerant attitude to people of other nationalities, their customs and culture.

1. Organizational moment.

Greeting guests

We welcome you in our class!

Perhaps there are classes and better and more beautiful.

But suppose that in our class you will be bright,

Let it be comfortable and very easy!

Entrusted to us to meet you today,

Let us begin the lesson, let’s not waste time.

– Guys! Say Hello to our guests. Turn and face me. Let’s hope that the mood of our guests has improved, and they will be happy to relax in our class and rejoice in our successes.

2. Updating knowledge.

And now we remember why we had met in the last lesson. Take a look at the illustrations on the Board. Slide 3.

As we relax?

3. The announcement of the theme of the lesson.

Read the proverb: Continue reading

The World of bright colors

Day seven-Vanya drew grandma a gift. Mix paints and deduced tassel uncomplicated patterns, flowers and funny animals. Little Alenka also wanted “something to paint,” but the elder brother were banned to his table.

Mala, only ruin everything. – said Vanya.

And then, when the figure was almost ready, the doorbell rang…

– Grandmother came. – cried Olenka and in the confusion, he ran past, accidentally knocked over a glass, in which brother was rinsed brush. The huge gray puddle spread over the figure, turning bright art in a dirty spot.

– Oh. – the only thing I could say girl.

– I knew it! angrily shedding tears, screaming boy.

– What’s happening here? a soft voice asked the grandmother, who couldn’t understand why the kids so fell out.

– I wanted to give you a picture, but she…

– I didn’t mean to. – excitedly began to explain kids.

– Stop fighting, you’re brother and sister! – conciliation grandma said and hugged beloved grandchildren, tomorrow will draw even more beautiful, and now it’s time to sleep. But if you promise no more fighting, I’ll tell you a new and very interesting story!

Guys, immediately forgetting about the grievances, climbed into the crib and got ready to listen. Grandmother saddened the light in the room and began his story:

– It was in a long-predivna times… When the lakes Continue reading

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Festivals and carnivals
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The Most interesting progressive electronic music festivals
World stars, light and laser shows, audio and video installations are some of the most progressive festivals. Today a review of the most interesting events in the world of electronic…

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