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Festivals of Georgia: where to go, what to see, what to feast

Did you know that Georgia is rich in not only mind-blowing nature, architectural landmarks, delicious cuisine, hospitable people, but also incredibly fun and colourful festivals?

The Georgians – cheerful people. And in this you can see for yourself by reading our article about the most famous festivals Sakartvelo.

The Georgia festivals – the Festival of young wine

If you are a connoisseur of the drink of the gods, then you direct road to the most famous in the country the festival of Georgian wine.

Wine is an important part of the country, and Georgian the technology of manufacture of this drink unique. This can easily verify, anyone will attend the event.

Traditionally, the festival is attended by almost all large companies and small cellar. The festival presents house wines from different regions of Georgia.

The festival takes place on the territory of the Ethnographic Museum under the open sky. Wines are selected very carefully, so tourists will be able to try the “most” of Georgian wines.

This festival is very popular among Georgia residents and travelers. So, this year the festival was attended by about 10 thousand guests, among them half are foreigners.

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French carnivals

When pronouncing the words “carnival” all immediately imagine Rio de Janeiro, where the biggest, most colorful and most famous carnival in the world. However, the spirit of the costumed parade is typical for all nationalities. France is no exception. Carnival in Annecy is no worse than the original Venetian. Paris carnival or the carnival in Guadeloupe also will not leave indifferent curious tourists.French carnivals

Carnival in Guadeloupe (January 8 – 22 February).

This outlandish carnival is perhaps one of the most important for France and the inhabitants of this region. Within two months, from Epiphany to Ash Wednesday, the Department lives in the rhythm of carnival. In all the cities of the region are organized beauty contests, costume parade that marches on carts, as well as dance marathons and balls. On ash Wednesday with the sign of the end of the carnival on the square solemnly burnt the effigy of Vavala, king of carnival.

«Paris carnival” (February 19).

Tradition, originating in the Middle ages and which for a long time one of the most important in the world, has survived to this day. Her incarnation was “Paris carnival”. It takes place on Sunday week before oil. The presence Continue reading

Glastonbury Festival

About 190 thousand people went to Worthy farm (West of England) to participate in the annual Glastonbury festival, which is traditionally held since 1970. This four-day marathon — Europe’s largest outdoor music festival held in numerous scenes. Among the headliners (the most anticipated party of the festival this time were artists like Bruce Springsteen, Neil young and reunited “Blur”.

Despite the rainy weather, the mood of the guests and participants was excellent. The people hanging out at concerts, the dance floor was full gathered, there was a lot of walking in the nearby countryside.

The festival site is located in Glastonbury ancient sacred place of Gentiles and Christians. On top of the hill where the festival concerts are held, is located a stone Circle — remains of an ancient temple of the druids.

People walk through the campsite in the early morning during the annual festival founded by farmer Michael IVIS. Tickets are getting more expensive every year, but even despite the fact that, for example, in 2011 the ticket cost 195 pounds (1 pound = 49.6 rubles) wishing to attend the event is not diminished.

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Spanish carnivals

About the carnival in Venice or Brazil known, perhaps, to everyone. Even him whom it is hard to call an avid traveler. But, it turns out that carnivals have a huge geography – Germany, French Riviera, Italian Tuscany…Spain.

Stay on the Spanish carnival. It is the largest in Europe and second in the world after the famous Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The parade 1987, when the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife all night dancing at the same time 240 thousand people, was even listed in “the Guinness Book of records”. I was convinced that Spain is famous for bullfighting and flamenco…

Especially in this year of the Spanish carnival (Tenerife) will be held from 18 February to 5 March under the motto “the passion of the tribes”, so maybe someone else will be able to become, if not a party, witness for sure.

Schedule of events:

February 22 – the Queen of the carnival

February 24 – parade of floats and decorated cars

February 28 – Obliquely – the height of the Carnival. Costume party, carnival procession and festivities, great fireworks.

March 1 – “the funeral of the sardine”

The Spanish city in February will swirl the carnivals of Cadiz, Barcelona, Madrid, Continue reading

20 the largest festivals and carnivals around the world

Once a year in some parts of the world come special days – bright, magical, and slightly crazy carnivals. Some, such as Brazilian carnival or the Spanish running of the bulls is well known to all; but you could never hear. And if you love the “party”, we bring to your attention the 20 most inimitable and large-scale festivals from around the world.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

February 28 – March 4

Like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Carnival in Venice, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – it’s a party in non-stop mode, only in the Brazilian style, which is a seemingly endless parade of Samba and colorful costumes.

2. Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

The second half of September – the first weekend of October

Despite the fact that there are different, smaller-scale counterparts of this festival around the world, Munich’s traditional event – is the largest beer festival in the world. In 2013, beer was sold for more than $96,178,668.

3. Festival of snow and ice – Harbin, China

January 5 – 5 February

Harbin international festival – this is the biggest Continue reading

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