Famous carnivals

Questions for self

1. Give a brief description of the culture of the European middle Ages.

2. Explain what is the essence of medieval culture.

3. What, in Your opinion, what is the uniqueness of the Byzantine culture?

4. Describe the most famous monument of Byzantine architecture is the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.

5. That relate to the characteristics of Vizantija?

6. Bring the realities of modern life that can be considered a legacy of the middle Ages (Institute, symbol, monument, tradition, tradition, clothes, food, beverage, spices).

In the middle Ages in the culture of the common people (peasants and townspeople) are preserved archaic elements of culture: idolatry, sacrifice, ritual holidays (winter, spring). Strict ideology of the Church were opposed by people’s laughter, laughter culture, embodying the idea of the universal update: laughter not only deny the imperfection of the world, but transformed by renewing it. In medieval carnival festival features laughter as the Challenger and at the same time asserting power are exposed and appear in their true, full form.

Medieval culture contains, as an enzyme, festivals and spectacles, through which the lower layers are closer to ensure that they are removed as a result of the deepening class divide, and the upper class through Continue reading

Event event Agency Saint-Petersburg

Incredibly, for the second ten years in the team of the Agency ’ s Neo basic holidays” reign special relationship of trust, understanding, respect and discipline, which is very important for the team working in the arts. During this time we have established an excellent, even unique in the ease atmosphere of creativity conducive to innovation. Yes, we just having fun, we don’t spend time on disassembly, so they do more and earn more. In other event agencies, as far as I know, the working conditions are just terrible. Not only that, there all out exclusively on the Mat, so this is still in an endless swearing and looking guilty. Therefore, turnover, mistrust and bickering, all as in the Bolshoi theatre. No wonder that in event the event which they organize, many unforeseen POPs up stocks that nobody corrects, and then to admit it is not going to. Extreme remain customers.

What is extreme in nature need us? Our man must be able to communicate and to do it right, to listen, to speak briefly, clearly and to the point, so that’ll listen, to know when to remain silent and, of course, always dress nice. We custom our new employees, and sometimes for a specific project they can muster more than Continue reading

The weirdest festivals of the world

People who are used to their culture, holidays of other Nations seem to be amazing, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people you just have to try not to limit yourself to just their culture.

However, a series of events and competitions, typical of those or other Nations, is truly amazing and unusual, which will be discussed below.

It is worth considering that many of the competition so unusual and fun that they resemble more festivities, because the victories are not as important, participants are much more fun to relax and just talk.

The Celebration Of “Las Payas”. In the Spanish city of Valencia from 14 to 19 March takes place this festival that attracts thousands of tourists. During his daily 14 hours begins the “mascletá”, during which there are competitions of pyrotechnics on the ground, and in the dark in the sky fireworks are launched. The climax of the holiday is the ceremony La Cremá, during which burn specially prepared a huge stuffed animals and figures. This festival attracts up to 2 million tourists that more of the city’s population more than 2 times.

World mountain oysters. In the city near the Texas festival is held, which actually has nothing to do with oysters. The fact that the “oysters” on cowboy slang referred to as bull testicles. The winner must prepare them in the best way, while the judges Continue reading

The Year of culture: the most striking events

The year of culture in Yadrinsky area began with the opening of the modernized Apraksina rural cultural and leisure center, and the closing ceremony took place in modern cultural and sports centre “Howling” in the village Nikolaev.

The results of work were summed Deputy head of the Department of social development Yadrinsky district administration L. Kvasova. According to her, the number of employees of cultural institutions, and this includes the cultural and recreational facilities, museums and libraries, is 137 people. In cultural institutions of the district there are 321 club formation, in which 4477 participants. For children up to 14 years – 137 units, which involved 1,609 people, for young people 59 formations, where there are 763 people (32% of the total number of youth by area).

The program “compact Integrated development of rural areas of the Chuvash Republic” in 2014, funds were allocated from the Republican budget in the amount of 917500 rubles for the construction of the boiler Nizhnetagilskogo cultural and recreational center and internal redecoration. To date, the work on construction of the boiler and overhaul completed, cultural Wellness center is preparing to open. Verkhneicherski Museum of natural economy of the Chuvash peasant of the nineteenth century thanks to the Federal Continue reading

The Amur autumn” announced the names of the guests

The thirteenth festival of cinema and theatre «the Amur autumn” will begin a week before the opening ceremony. The first starship troopers from 15 artists headed by the President of festival Sergey Novozhilov landed in Blagoveshchensk on September 4.

This week the darling of the public Marina Yakovleva, Yuri Nazarov, Tatyana Konyukhova, Pavel Novikov and many other artists will travel to all districts of the Amur region with concerts and creative meetings.

The opening ceremony of the festival will be held September 12 in the socio-cultural centre of Blagoveshchensk. It’ll be conducted by Sergey Novozhilov with the people’s artist of Russia legendary TV presenter angelina Vovk. At the concert amercana will see many youth stars, Rodion Gazmanov, Alexei Vorobyov, Larissa shakhvorostov, Sergey, Makhovikov, Natalia Gromushkina.

I sounding names will delight viewers and closing “Autumn”, scheduled for September 20. It will feature the participation of the favorites of the audience Dmitry Kharatyan, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Vlad Sokolovsky, Lisa Arzamasova, Maria Poroshina and others.

— It is very difficult to attract to the festival Continue reading

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