Light sculptures and light garden show at the festival in Moscow

The third international festival “Circle of light” kicks off in Moscow on 4 October and runs until 8 October. During this time, citizens will be able to admire the bright, colorful light show that will unfold across five venues in the capital. What show and what venues will be held, how to get to these events, and who of foreign celebrities will take part in them, said in an interview to RIA Novosti the head of the Moscow Department for media and advertising Vladimir Chernikov.

– Vladimir Vasilevich, this year in Moscow for the third time will host the international festival “Circle of Light”. What’s new in this festival will see the Muscovites?

– First of all, I want to note that this year the opening ceremony of the festival will be held October 4th at the Olympic complex “Luzhniki”. Offers a terrific show “the Evolution of fire “. During the presentation the audience will be able to monitor the role of fire in different eras, ranging from ancient times to modern. For the show written original music, it involved drama actors, dance groups, musicians, circus performers – acrobats, trapeze artists, stunt.

Multimedia performance consists of several pictures, each of whom staged and artistically tied to a particular era.

To begin the show with mythological episodes, which tells about the birth of the fire in the cave of prehistoric man. Will replace the ancient times of ancient Greece lyrical love scene. Then comes the turn of fiery amphitheatre of the Roman Empire with Gladiator fights and Medieval Fayre with circus artists playing with fire. The revival will start the reconstructed machine of Leonardo da Vinci, as a symbol of change inquisitorial fires a fiery passion to the knowledge of man, his place in the modern world. The industrial age – dynamic mechanical episode in which will participate the percussion ensemble. In the epilogue of the submission will be used unique cars Tesla, generating these electrical discharges in the air.

It is a show in the festival will show only once, on 4 October?

In the following days, from 5 to 8 October, the show will be repeated cyclically every night – from 19.30 to 23.00.

And which stages of Moscow will unfold the light show?

– This year the festival “Circle of light” will be held at five venues. The opening, as I said, will take place in Luzhniki. Another venue of the festival this year was the Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno”. On five evenings – from 4 to 8 October – it will turn into a Park light. It will feature interactive projection on the input pad, the illumination of trees and lawns, video bridges. Upper Tsaritsyno pond will be a laser show. In the installation program from the well-known international artists: light sculptures from French artist Cedric Le borgne, projections on the crowns of trees called the “Garden of the world” by Australian artist Craig Walsh, the light spheres from a canadian artist of Barnard Duga.

Traditionally the concert Dmitry Malikov “Music of light” October 5 in the “Tsaritsyno” that will be the best instrumental works of the artist. The performance will be accompanied by light projections.

In addition, the facade of the Bolshoi theatre, 20.00 you will admire the lighting performances of “Ballet, decor, motion and the Image of Russia”, prepared by the French creative team. On the facade of the exhibition center “Manege” from 5 to 8 October will show the works of participants of competition mapping “artvision”. Anyone will be able to see the unusual video projection, and an international jury will select the best of the best.

– When will the winners be announced for the festival, and what rewards await them?

– The winners will be known at the award ceremony at the Digital October Center. The winners will also receive a special prize. The participants who took third, second and first place will be awarded 10, 15 and 20 thousand euros, respectively.

– Who is the jury?

– To evaluate the contestants ‘ video mapping “artvision” established within the framework of the Moscow international festival “Circle of light”, have seven professionals. The jury included three representatives from the Russian side and four foreigners. The Chairman is Yuri Nazarov – Professor, President of the Union of designers of Russia, the co-chairs of the jury – Deputy Chairman of the Committee for architecture and urban planning of Moscow Tatyana Guk and project Director of a company ETC (France) Parti Bukenya. The jury also included the Deputy head of the Department for media and advertising of Moscow Evgeny Fedichkin, set designer, Director and creative consultant from France Daniel Charpentier, CEO and Director of the French company Cosmo AV Pierre-Yves, a German photographer specializing in large-scale events associated with light, Ralph Larmann.

Just this year the competition “artvision” filed 35 works from 13 countries.

– What activities, in addition to the light show, visit the Muscovites and guests of the capital during the festival?

– In addition to entertainment, the festival “Circle of light” provides a scientific and educational program. Thus, on 5 and 6 October at the Digital October Center will host seminars and workshops of famous artists, light designers, mediaproduction. Guests of the educational portion of the festival will not only be able to see the main achievements in the field of media art technology and lighting design, but also to participate in various activities. Lectures and workshops will interest all who are interested in visual arts and wants to see how to create light shows, installations and other works of media through new technologies. The dialogue promises to be a launching pad to start long-term and productive relationships between mediahudozhnichat from Russia and from around the world. Secrets will share not only Russian specialists and foreign. This year in the educational program attended by about a dozen international speakers.

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