International festivals of children and youth in Europe

Dear team managers, Directors of schools of art and music schools, friends both present and future, thank You for your active participation in our ongoing International festivals of children and youth in the Czech Republic for the past 11 years.

Since 1999, creating and embodying the festival and the competition program of creative youth and children in the Czech Republic . we, the team “J&S GROUP”, was fortunate enough to meet many wonderful dance, choral, orchestral, vocal, folk, theatrical and artistic groups from different countries and regions of Russia. Master classes, press conferences, exchange of opinions on the creative meetings gave us, as organizers, a positive impetus for inclusion in our festivals individuality and originality.

Since 2009 the jury of the festivals established the Charitable Foundation “international youth Forum” which “J&S GROUP” transferred the rights for the organization of International festivala children and youth in the Czech Republic. The main goal of the Foundation “international youth Forum” is search, support and promotion of talented children and youth at the international level in Europe.

International festivals, competitions, projects, program for creative youth and children Charitable Foundation “international Youth Forum” . provide an opportunity for talented participants to influence the formation of youth culture of Europe, to present at the international level, the culture and art of their countries and regions.

Charitable Foundation “International Youth Forum” . invites you to participate in prestigious festivals in the Czech Republic and offers the participants the experience of a professional organizer of festivals of children’s creativity. Our festivals:

VI International festival – contest of children and youth in the Czech Republic

Teplice – Prague-Karlovy Vary –Dresden

VIII-IX Summer competitions –festivals

Czech Budějovice, Třeboň – Ljubljana – Venice – Rimini

“Silver voice” 30.06.-10.07.10 – choirs. vocal number of you artists

are under the protection of the Hetman of the South-Bohemian Region ing. Jiří Zimola.

Open competitions are held on open-air stages the most famous and picturesque places of the South of the Czech Republic – the Central squares of cities and castles –monuments under UNESCO protection

“Crystal”, Russia – festival in the Czech Republic

“Fiesta”, Belarus – festival in the Czech Republic

“Hope”, choreographic group Ukraine, festival Czech Republic – Germany – France

“Shoplik”, Czech Republic – festival-Czech Republic –Germany –France

“Beats us,” Russia – festival-Czech Republic –Germany –France

“Trevornick”, Slovakia – festival in the Czech Republic

“Rovesnik”, Russia, festival Czech Republic –Germany –France

“Vologda patterns”, Russia, festival in the Czech Republic

music schools and art schools eagle, Yaroslavl, Ulyanovsk, Voronezh.

We will be happy to Supplement this list. thanks to You, our friends and colleagues.

Congratulations to our 1st prize Winner 2008 Katya Ryabov, who represented Russia at the children’s “Intervision” in 2009

The festivals were attended by people from different countries :Armenia, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Estonia.

The geography of festivals continues to grow and we are always happy teams who have already used previously and will participate. To speak at such scenes an honor and a pleasure.

Features of the festivals is a prestigious professional jury with specific names, the chairmen of the jury and the best stages of the Czech Republic. The Congress Center of Prague national house in Vinohrady Prague, the House of Culture in Teplice.

Diplomas festivals are the most prestigious diplomas festivals of children and youth in the Czech Republic. To obtain the Diploma of Laureate or Diploma holder VI-VII International festival – contest of children and youth in the Czech Republic means to obtain one of the most important assessments of the European jury.

Festival “Spring Festival – 2009” was included in an accompanying cultural programme of the Czech Presidency in the European Union and took place on the most prestigious stage of Prague – hall of the Congress centre of Prague

International festival -contest of children and youth :

Czech Republic –Germany

Teplice – Prague – Karlovy Vary – Dresden

Category: vocal ensembles, jazz ensembles, choirs, folklore, classical dance, folk dance, folk stylized dance, pop dance, pop dance sport, ballroom dance (couple, ensemble) ,orchestras and ensembles from all directions, playing on folk, string, wind and other instruments, artists.

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