How to organize a birthday party for a child 5-8 years – the best ideas!

If the child is very active, plays sports, and Your family don’t mind maintaining it in outdoor games, birthday Chad can be arranged in the Park or a fitness club . Most parents have such ideas cause genuine surprise, but today you can find clubs or pools, which are also involved in the organization of children’s holidays, offer their program.

Typically, the festive table is up to the parents. It is best to arrange a buffet table with lots of fruit and sandwiches, pizzas, canapés.

If the birthday child’s parents want to spend in the water Park or sports club, then they need to have in mind that most places will not accept children younger than 5 years .

What are the simulators and rides will engage children should be arranged in advance .

Parents need to provide that children, doing to the gym, playing sports, going to have much to drink . Stocking needs and drinking water and juices, and tea. Should bring to the festival is also a lot of napkins .

To make beautiful photos and to arrange a formal greeting of the birthday boy, you have parents of other children to warn in advance about the two sets of clothes . It would be good if the children will be in fancy dresses and costumes, but then will change into sports uniform.

If a holiday is planned in the Park, parents have to worry about the necessary “attributes” for each child is hats, towels, washcloths, soap, flip-flops, swimsuits or swimming trunks.

A child’s birthday in the club laser wars

The game of “laser war” can be a great entertainment for his son’s birthday, and he and all his little guests will be just overjoyed by the opportunity to play “war”. Such clubs exist in many cities – they offer the organization of children’s leisure, special decoration for playing “laser war”, special vests with protection, safety helmets, pistols laser.

Note on the karting track

All children like to ride the bumper cars and bikes. therefore, the child – boy and girl – you can arrange a feast on the karting track . Of course, in order to organize it a festive event, it is necessary to know in advance where there are go-karts for children, what the requirements are. Many indoor stadiums or sports complexes there is a karting track where you can do even in the cold period of the year.

To the birthday boy and all his little guests were on the track alone, you need to agree in advance with the club, to pay the full rent .

The event it was a holiday, you must decorate the car with ribbons and flowers, and machine birthday should be the most elegant one.

Birthday child in the group his kindergarten, in grade school

If parents do not have the opportunity to organize a birthday party of your child in a specialized school, it can be great to celebrate it in a kindergarten or in grade school . This holiday has definite advantages – the event will be attended by all children, it is very sdruzhayut them, and will allow the child to see at a birthday party for all the friends and not a few select people. Tutor or teacher will gladly help in organizing this festival with him in advance to arrange the celebration, to discuss the program, to distribute the roles.

The children can prepare a theatrical performance or concert. The feast should not be the “center” of this holiday is to better organize the table buffet with an abundance of fruits, juices, pastries, chocolates, cakes. For competitions and games, you must prepare the gifts, prizes, commemorative cards or badges. If the party is held in the form of a carnival, we need to be warned beforehand about carnival costumes for all children.

Sprawled in the Museum

In some of the major museums in recent years have become involved in the organization of themed children’s parties. Do not think that the holiday the Museum is very boring and not interesting to the child and the guests, because the proper organization of such an event allows to introduce children to the exhibit, as well as to inspire them interesting pastime .

As a rule, in the first part of this holiday the Museum staff organize a little tour through the halls . Then in a special room can be arranged buffet . to which the parents in advance to bring food, drinks. After greetings birthday and tea party Museum staff conduct various competitions for his subject is close to the exposure – children are traveling through the halls, looking for treasure, participate in contests and quizzes. Parents must think about the prizes and Souvenirs for each child.

Celebrate in the Park

Holiday for a child in the Park can only be performed in the warm season . You must choose this kind of Park in which the rides, the appropriate age category of the birthday boy and all his little guests, Playground, picnic area and summer dining, entertainment, for example, pony rides, skating rink, velodrome, etc.

On the celebration for children with Park staff must be agreed in advance. To discuss the best time for the festival, buy tickets or season tickets for rides on all children. If the Park cafe is not the case, parents need to think about the treats, which they will bring.

The birthday child in nature

In the warm period of the year your child’s birthday you can organize a trip to nature . This outing can be scheduled for one day, and two or three days . for example, to enable children to live in tents, participate in fishing, collect mushrooms and berries.

The place for such a vacation, it is recommended to choose very carefully, as long as it was safe, and interesting for children up to 8 years. Tents and camping sleeping bags can be rented from friends. The children need to go to several adults, to ensure complete safety.

We celebrate on the tour

The birthday child can be noted in a special tour dedicated to old Russia – such excursions carried out in the settlements of Drevlyans. These tour packages are sold in travel agencies, with employees whom you can negotiate about the route and about the recreational moments for children.

On the tour, the children will participate in ancient ceremonies, fairs, games, in making bread . Need to take care of the sweets and treats for the children – all the products you need to bring your own, because in such settlements there are no shops.

Child birthday party in McDonald’s restaurant

Today, many parents try the birthdays of their children to celebrate in the restaurant “McDonald’s” . These festivals are always fun because in this restaurant, there are animators who organize the program. Menu for kids in the evening it is necessary to discuss in advance to make reservations.

Before you order the holiday, parents should meet with the audience . which will host the celebration, and also to ask about the future of the birthday boy, whether he or she wishes to invite their guests to this restaurant.

Wherever the birthday of a child under the age of 8 years, the most important thing that the birthday boy and all his little guests received a huge portion of attention from adults. You can not leave children unattended . because they can russelites, to fall and get injured. The best way is to invite children with their parents . trying to keep this celebration was fun for all. These family meetings will generate more than one friendship in the future, because mom and dad of the guests at the party will want the birthdays of their children is noted as interesting and exciting.

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