How Carnival is celebrated around the world

O Carnival in Venice Is so different from others that stands out and draws crowds around the world. The celebration attracts an endless number of visitors that focus on Piazza San Marco. This carnival lasts ten days, and, here, it’s winter. People wear masks and costumes that try to mimic the style of the nobles who lived in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In 1797 celebrations were banned because of the killer began to wear masks to commit violent acts. The carnival was only released officially in 1999, after almost two centuries of absence.

In contrast to the lively music and loud carnivals elsewhere in Venice, people parade with the class to show all the fancy details. This contemplative rampant. Bauta . White mask, which allows revellers to eat and drink without having to accept it, is the most traditional for this event. Street blocks use a variety of costumes and dozens of boats participate in the party who only come for a walk, which, by using a mask.

What: the Celebration of carnival in the world

Where: Venice, Italy

Noisy carnival Tenerife

Photo: Disclosure / Tenerife Carnival

The carnival in Tenerife Is one of the most bustling and exciting in the world. The Plaza españa in it are numerous stalls for the sale of Churros, which enliven the place with music. After the carnival Queen elections, goes to speaker of the carnival ride, and from there the party and the fun doesn’t stop!

The parade route, glittering costumes, bands and dancers. Carnival Queen dress is so heavy and complex that moves around on wheels. The event ends with fireworks and the burning of huge papier-mâché sardine.

What: the Celebration of carnival in the world

Where: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Fasnacht, Switzerland carnival

Photo: Disclosure / Basel Fasnacht

On Monday, following on Ash Wednesday, the city of Basel to turn off the lights and the celebration begins with a procession of huge colorful lighted lanterns. And Fasnacht, o Swiss Carnival . Difficult holiday for three days, which began in the 14th century.

The ancient city of Basel repeats the sounds of drums and piccolos, and musical groups walking around with his face covered with papier-mâché masks. The carnival party is local, its the people that make the use of recent events to play with local officials and politicians with great satire. The costumes are very colorful and masks depict the mood.

What: the Celebration of carnival in the world

Where: Basel, Switzerland

At the sound of marches during the Carnival in Ouro Preto

Photo: Disclosure / Carnaval Ouro Preto

Carnival in mining towns are very different from those in other regions of Brazil. In Ouro Preto that it’s even fun to the sounds of old marches played on a raised platform in the middle of the main mining the streets. In the revellers with ancient costumes and masks to take to the streets decorated with streamers and confetti. The most famous street blocks zé Pereira DOS Holders and Bandalheira.

In addition to street carnival parties in student republics are paid, but also very fun and drink included in the price of the congestion charge. Each Republic contributes to the carnival with another chart. But the parade of Samba schools is done in Tiradentes square.

What: the Celebration of carnival in the world

Where: Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais

The carnival of Recife and Olinda, different, and neighbors

photo: diulgação / Olinda Carnival

People come from afar to attend these carnivals neighbors, each in their own way. The carnival of Olinda, Brazil’s third-largest after Salvador and Rio de Janeiro attracts many local artists who spend all year preparing for the parade 560 very creative blocks.

The headliner Olinda carnival are giant dolls that bear the name of the city. Olinda dolls with a more than two meters, they are very colorful and easy visualization among revelers. Dolls made in the next few months, with wooden bodies, papier-mache head and cloth linens. The carnival at the end of these dolls are exhibited at the Embassy of giants Puppets and can be visited throughout the year.

In Recife, carnival a little less. If they will be crowned king and Queen of carnival and attractions parades electric trio.

The biggest attraction in Recife carnival are the blocks with unusual names. The most famous of blocks Galo da Madrugada is on Saturday morning and runs through the main part of the city in the Fort of Five Points, Sergio Loreto square, Avenue Dantas Barreto and Guararapes Avenue. On the block, the electric trio and floats to make the joy of the carnival. Another popular attraction is the frevo dancers fill the streets with their kind of dancing.

Two carnivals have constant music to pour too much beer, fantastic costumes and a lively crowd jostling.

What: the Celebration of carnival in the world

Where: Recife and Olinda

Rum and Calypso in Trinidad carnival

Photo: Disclosure / Visit Trinidad Tobago

A the Island of Trinidad comes alive on Friday before lent, when thousands of people gather in the streets and squares to dance Calypso, watch the brilliant parades and take rum.

In the capital Port of Spain, held traditional competitions to select the king and Queen of carnival. Endless parades of trucks with bands and DJs to explode their electric sounds of the city and came to the sea. At the end of the fun, this is a masked procession, under the influence of European immigrants, the South Americans and Asians, who arrived on the island.

Trinidad Carnival

What: the Celebration of carnival in the world

Where: Trinidad Island

The Festival Of ATI-Atihan

Photo: Disclosure / Kalibo ATI-Atihan

With colorful costumes and animated show, ATI-Atihan is a carnival, as everywhere else, only more rapid. People here are so irresistibly street, other carnival celebrations all over the world, seems calm. Two weeks the participants have roots outside of Christianity, but the celebration honors the Santo niño, which entered the culture in the 19th century.

Na Festival ATI-Atihan all revelers paint a black face. The legend goes that in the 13th century, one of Malaysia lot without a certain residence came to the island of Panay, to avoid problems of Borneo. So who knew the islanders were offered a plot of land to live and since then in the form of a thank you, every year to paint a black face to look ATI tribe.

While ATI-Atihan occurs within two weeks in January, only in the last days of the second week, the real party begins. Residents honor of the Santo niño in the Cathedral accompanied by deafening drums. Parades with costumed dancers fill the streets and it’s impossible not to want to dance. On the last day, the party at the fire, when the various tribal groups participate in the contest show. Finally, masquerade carnival close that adopts the motto Hala Bira, Puera Pasma, means “not to go forward, not fatigue.”

What: the Celebration of carnival in the world

Where: Kalibo, Philippines

Mazatlan Carnival for families

Photo: Disclosure / Carnival Mazatlan

Every year thousands of participants 400 built for the annual Carnival of Mazatlan . Held for five days before Ash Wednesday. The festivities take place in a 10km stretch of the Malecon.

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