Holidays in our lives

It is wonderful that in our lives the holidays! Noisy and quiet, family and national, state and informal. They are like a short stop in a long journey called “everyday”. In the twenty-first century adults are so busy, preoccupied with career and other important things that “stops” this happy more children.

Today holidays – a synonym for joy, leisure, associations of people (in their homes, city, country or world).

The word is a holiday invented by our ancestors-the Slavs, many centuries ago, means a day off work.

From “asanin” to Mayday

The first reason to rest on our ancestors created nature itself: in the fall and in the spring of Slavs celebrated the equinox days. Summer and winter celebrated Kupala and Christmas carols – the days of the solstice.

Then and the events in people’s lives began to be celebrated as holidays. For example, the end of the harvest, which received a beautiful name “asenine”.

With the Baptism of Rus ‘ in Hoke came religious holidays. Christmas – from there, it is noted more than a thousand years!

Finally, the creators of the holidays have become the rulers of the country. Peter came up with to celebrate in Russia New year, as in European countries, on 1 January. Reformer – Peter was a pioneer in the business of entertainment: introduced Assembly and fireworks.

Later in the country have any other public holidays such as 1st May. Now about the may day demonstrations many remember nostalgically, but in Soviet times, they all were loved, was considered a “duty”.

Finally, today, if the people does not create the holidays, then changes their format. Victory day – the most joyful holiday in Russia, state, celebrated every year widely and soul. Only veterans, creators of the Victory is short… to save the memory, in Tomsk came up with the campaign ’s Immortal regiment”. And now hundreds of thousands of Russians in 9 different cities may pass in the columns shelf with portraits of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

Piggy Bank holidays

Holidays – as much a part of the history of the country, as monuments of architecture or works of art. So they wouldn’t forget. In December, we sing carols, in January celebrate Christmas in October collect of the feast on the occasion of harvest, in the night of January 1, reworks, 9 may pass into the columns of the Immortal regiment. And even Mayday, though changed a little its contents, was left red day in our calendar.

For many centuries the Russians had filled the Treasury of holidays many ceremonial and commemorative days. And also added in it and international days. All this variety of dates to keep in memory, perhaps, impossible. Therefore, we have developed an interactive calendar of holidays. Any day you can look here and find out what today the holiday is celebrated in Russia or in the world.

Calendar of the most important and entertaining

Not everything that occurs in life, the world, can be called holidays. For example, revolutions, wars, discoveries, birthdays of famous people, cities, etc. But to remember them. Such dates are called commemorative events, often – celebrate events, scientific symposia. For example, the Day of the battle of Borodino (the most important battle of Moscow in the war of the distant 1812). Some dates are rather entertaining, they do not require celebrations, but noteworthy. Like you, for example, birthday of Russian vodka or email? At least, a reason to smile.

In the course of important, curious, and entertaining you will keep a daily calendar of events.

Don’t need all dates to keep in mind – just use our calendars – holidays and events. And let your life can sometimes be all good!


In every person’s life special events a great many. Russians have common holidays – New year, defender of the Fatherland Day, international women’s day March 8, the Day of victory. And the Church – Christ’s Passover, Christmas, Epiphany, Holy Trinity, the Holy virgin. Do not count on the calendar of professional events – Russian press Day, the Day of medical worker, Day VDV or Naval fleet. Don’t give up you in the close family circle and in a big way to celebrate a housewarming, the birth of a son or daughter grandson or granddaughter. And Carnival, and the wedding, and the First of April. Holidays are a great many, and each of them is going to be properly prepared. You think so easy to cover, for example, special dishes – determine the list of cold and hot dishes, dessert. In addition with every meal, every snack are their spirits – to the meat vodka, fish wine, coffee brandy. How it to understand? And celebratory toasts – they’re also thousands.

Prazdnichnye days in Russia

New year celebration is still controversial in the country. Winter break lasted up to ten or more days. If you have a “deep pockets”, this time you’ll be able to go somewhere in a warm country and to celebrate the New year, for example on the Indian ocean or enjoy the exotic Cuba, the African continent, the Egyptian pyramids. But for Russians modest income these ten days of forced idleness completely useless. In their opinion, it would be better a couple of days to add to the “may” weekends – in the midst of the spring work at their summer cottage. And the government has finally heard this in principle, righteous call. New year holidays in reduced to eight days, including Christmas, which is celebrated by the Orthodox world on January 7. Wypadanie same two days will be added either to the first or ninth of may. The final decision the government will take with the onset of spring.

In General, in the Russian Federation all the ceremonial events are divided into official and unofficial, national and departmental, international and world. To official state, except New year’s day and Christmas, include: defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23, international women’s day on 8 March, spring and labour day – May 1 Victory Day on May 9, the Day of Russia, celebrated on 12 June and finally the Day of national unity on November, 4th.

Marked in Russia and quite exotic, such as the international day of the astrologer, which falls on March 20th. But may 5 – professional Day at the encoders. 1st of June is the Day of the Northern fleet of Russia. To all those domestic, international and global celebrations not to get lost here is the list of all holidays.

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