Holidays and festivals of Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is famous for its colourful celebrations and festivals all over the world! Celebrate them here on a larger scale! Most of the festivals celebrated EN masse in the streets and accompanied with dancing, music, fireworks, carnivals and tasty treats! People’s faces full of smiles, joy and fun! However, every holiday or festival has its own characteristics and is carried out according to certain traditions.

Thais attach great importance to each event and memorable date. For them, the festival — is not only high Jinks, but also a sacred day, sereveny ritual and heartfelt emotions (even in relation to public holidays).

There are holidays, national, historical, national and religious. Thailand is characterized by friendliness and tolerance for all peoples and beliefs, so in addition to pure Thai dates, it is noted for the holidays such as Chinese and European New year, Christian Christmas, Hindu festivals and other. Also in each of the 76 provinces of Thailand have their own holidays.

Typically, holiday dates change each year, as celebrated according to the lunar calendar, and some of them are confined to weekends.

However, there is a conditional system of dates of holidays and festivals in Thailand.

European New Year (European New Year)

1 January

A national holiday that has nothing to do with national Thai New Year. The first time this feast was held for foreign residents and visitors. European New Year is officially celebrated in Thailand since 1940.

Children’s day (Children’s Day)

Second Saturday of January

In Thailand children are respected and preserved. Arranged on this day major festival, organized charitable receipts, children’s entertainment and carnival with performances of children.

January 16

Teachers — is a highly-respected people in Thailand. For all Buddhists, like most Thais, teacher — that the authority and mentor. This lush holiday is celebrated here since 1956.

The end of January — February

Biggest holiday in the traditions of China. Especially roughly marked in Chinese families, where the family have a feast and give gifts to children and money. attracting thus the wealth in the family to each other. The celebration lasts for 15 days, the most active of which the first three, and the rest of the day is carried out in accordance with national traditions.

The first week of February

Celebrated in the Northern city of Chiang Mai, which translated from Thai means «many colors». This is a very colorful festival, there are parades, fairs and competitions. The main intrigue — it is a choice «the Queen of flowers» in the beauty contest, for which the girls themselves sew bright outfits and create amazing images.

The end of February — beginning of March. The night of the full moon in the third lunar month

National religious holiday. In the history of Buddhism — this is the Day of Buddha’s first sermon, which brought together more than one thousand students. On this day people Express their gratitude to the Buddha for his teachings.

The end of February — beginning of March

Sak AMB — this is an ancient shamanic tattoo that has protective properties.

March 12

Large-scale national sports festival. Being a popular Thai sport, kite flying has reached an incredible masterstva, creativity and entertainment. This festival annually attracts participants not only from Asia but also from Europe, Australia and America. The festival consists of various contests and competitions that take into account every detail in the structure of the kite and the ingenuity of its owner. For many viewers this amazing show.

March 17

National holiday devoted exclusively to the Thai martial art — Muay Thai. It is an ancient technique of struggle that gives the fighter abilities, making him virtually invulnerable and guarantees defeat the purpose. On this day many scholars and fans of martial arts come to Thailand from all over the world to see performances by Thai boxers.

April 2

Birthday of one of the daughters of the King of Thailand Rama IX. National holiday, which falls outside of the Royal family and is celebrated almost everywhere. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon is the author of numerous books on travel, doctor of Microbiology, engaged in medical research, charity and active assistance to the King. So she deserves a special respect and interest of the Thai people.

April 6

National holiday to commemorate the founding of the Royal Chakri dynasty, as well as the day of memory of the first King, the founder of this dynasty, Rama I (Buddha of Yok Chulalok Great). This dynasty, which had ruled longer than any existing in the world, because of what was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

First half of April

It is a celebration of the peoples of the Shan and Thai Yai. These peoples inhabit some of the Northern and Western regions of Thailand and Burma. It is celebrated in the province of Mae Hong son and is a colorful ceremony during which occurs the initiation of young boys into monks. This event is accompanied by parades, music, food and drinks, and traditional ceremonies.

Mid April

National day of Thailand, which marks the beginning of a new year and the beginning of the rainy season! In this traditional celebration all the people go outside and pour each other with water from bottles, water guns or hoses, and after stained with powder. It is believed that it brings happiness. The festival is attended by all: children, adults, tourists and elephants and even the police! The streets of Thailand turn into mass bathing. Then give each other gifts and celebrate with family and friends. The holiday lasts for three days.

May 1

National holiday devoted to the historical events. In the early twentieth century were organized mass movements that fought for the reduction of the working day to eight hours. Labor day in Thailand is celebrated as a mark of respect and memory to these people.

Major national holiday, which marks the day of the coronation of the present King and Queen of Thailand in 1946. On this day in cities all decorated streets and houses, and people glorify their monarchs. Arranged flamboyant shows, colorful parades and mass celebrations.

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