Glastonbury Festival

About 190 thousand people went to Worthy farm (West of England) to participate in the annual Glastonbury festival, which is traditionally held since 1970. This four-day marathon — Europe’s largest outdoor music festival held in numerous scenes. Among the headliners (the most anticipated party of the festival this time were artists like Bruce Springsteen, Neil young and reunited “Blur”.

Despite the rainy weather, the mood of the guests and participants was excellent. The people hanging out at concerts, the dance floor was full gathered, there was a lot of walking in the nearby countryside.

The festival site is located in Glastonbury ancient sacred place of Gentiles and Christians. On top of the hill where the festival concerts are held, is located a stone Circle — remains of an ancient temple of the druids.

People walk through the campsite in the early morning during the annual festival founded by farmer Michael IVIS. Tickets are getting more expensive every year, but even despite the fact that, for example, in 2011 the ticket cost 195 pounds (1 pound = 49.6 rubles) wishing to attend the event is not diminished.

View of Glastonbury from the Pennard hill. Photo taken at dawn of the fourth day of the festival.

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One of the participants Glastonbury festival of contemporary performing arts sets the wigwam in an Indian village. Tepees, each of which has a cost of 800 British pounds, was intended to house the participants of the festival and were all booked well in advance.

The guy with the girl resting on the grass in the first Sunny day of Glastonbury.

Festival participants enjoy the evening sun on arrival at the Glastonbury festival. The stones are supposedly the remains of an ancient temple of the druids.

The view from the bird’s eye view to the venue of the annual festival Glastonbury in the English County of Somerset.

A girl dressed as a fairy poses for the photographer during the festival, which attracted about 190 thousand people.

Two girls pass through a festival site in the evening during the opening ceremony of four-day music marathon Glastonbury.

People gather to watch the sunset on the hill, which towers above the field where you installed the wigwams. At this time, music fans start to arrive on the festival grounds.

Festival guests gathered near the stone circle at midnight, after he had reached the end of the opening ceremony Glastonbury.

Damon Albarn (Damon Albarn) speaks with the newly reunited group “Blur” on the fourth day musical marathon.

The area of the festival — it is a walled complex on the North of which is the Pyramid stage on the South — an Additional scene, and in the East — various rides and a circus.

Canadian rock musician Neil young, one of the headliners of the festival, performing on the Pyramid stage.

Glastonbury is famous primarily for its rock concerts, but you can see the numerous performances of dance, folk, theatre and circus groups.

On an Additional stage of Glastonbury festival is American singer Lady Gaga.

Music marathon takes place in South-West England. in Somerset, a few miles from Glastonbury, on an area of approximately 1,100 acres (4.4 km).

Lightning in the sky above the Playground festival Glastonbury.

Festival guests walk among the wet tents.

For visitors opened 3225 toilets. Due to the fact that in 2012 hosted the Olympic games in London and increased the demand for toilet cubicles, the festival had to be cancelled.

One of the guests of the festival Glastonbury demonstrates how unusual way he delivers beer to your friends.

Numerous tents of music lovers gathered at the four-day music marathon. During the four days that the festival lasted, was used a million gallons of water (3 780 000 litres) for the needs of visitors.

The guy lay down in the mud on arrival at the annual festival in Glastonbury.

Robin Pecknold (Robin Pecknold) of the “Fleet Foxes” acts on the Pyramid stage.

Girls walk among the teepees (traditional portable dwelling of nomadic Indians, with a fire inside).

Member of the Glastonbury festival covered in mud after wrestling with his friend.

A woman admires the bright evening sun.

Michael McKean and Christopher Guest from the “Spinal Tap” perform at Glastonbury on the Pyramid stage.

Welsh singer Tom Jones performs at the Glastonbury festival of contemporary performing arts.

British band “Bat for Lashes”” (left — singer and songwriter Natasha Khan, right — Charlotte Haderle) at the annual music marathon.

People gather on the hill to watch the sunset with the music coming from the festival ground. Photos taken on the background, located on a hill tipis (tepees).

Participants of the festival to greet the dawn at the stone circle. The photo was taken in Glastonbury, Somerset, England.

Girl while dancing, drinking wine from a package during a speech by French DJ Missill.

Revelers gather at the stone circle at night on the second day of Glastonbury festival.

A couple kisses while dancing on the third day music marathon.

Bruce Springsteen performs at Glastonbury.

Debris around the Pyramid stage early on the morning after the festival Glastonbury.

Volunteers sorted garbage for recycling at the recycling center waste in Glastonbury. Each year the festival has a team of 1,200 volunteers who work shifts of four and six o’clock in payment for tickets to the festival. Four days of Glastonbury festival is going 2000 tonnes of waste. Recycling cans, plates, glasses, plastics and food waste that remain after the crowd of thousands, a whole week, while full clean-up of the festival ground can last more than a month.

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