French carnivals

When pronouncing the words “carnival” all immediately imagine Rio de Janeiro, where the biggest, most colorful and most famous carnival in the world. However, the spirit of the costumed parade is typical for all nationalities. France is no exception. Carnival in Annecy is no worse than the original Venetian. Paris carnival or the carnival in Guadeloupe also will not leave indifferent curious tourists.French carnivals

Carnival in Guadeloupe (January 8 – 22 February).

This outlandish carnival is perhaps one of the most important for France and the inhabitants of this region. Within two months, from Epiphany to Ash Wednesday, the Department lives in the rhythm of carnival. In all the cities of the region are organized beauty contests, costume parade that marches on carts, as well as dance marathons and balls. On ash Wednesday with the sign of the end of the carnival on the square solemnly burnt the effigy of Vavala, king of carnival.

«Paris carnival” (February 19).

Tradition, originating in the Middle ages and which for a long time one of the most important in the world, has survived to this day. Her incarnation was “Paris carnival”. It takes place on Sunday week before oil. The presence of cows at the head of the procession – an old tradition of the festival. Briefly forgotten carnival is gradually returning to the stage. The number of visitors increases every year. The carnival brings together residents, local actors, street artists and musicians.

Street art is praised by the participants of the carnival. Numerous groups, truck, giant puppets parade around 5 district of Paris. This year the Paris carnival kicks off at 15 o’clock on place Gambetta.

Nice carnival (February 17 – 4 March).

A key event of the winter season on the Cote d’azur, nice carnival is among the largest festivals in the world and offers a variety of shows. This year the theme of the carnival – “King”. About 100 musicians and dancers from all over the world, the characters in extravagant costumes and street performers gather on the promenade des Anglais on 15 days of the carnival.

Carnival in nice features a traditional floral fights that were originally organized to entertain the tourists. Later this event has become an integral part of the carnival. In our time, during the festival people discharged on cars and trucks spew into the crowd various colors. It also creates a tuple of colors based on the theme of the carnival.

The presentation lasts for 15 days. Most of them are paid (from 5 to 35 Euro, children under 5 free). However, the Parade in place Massena will be free for you, if you come in costume.

“Carnival Albi” (18–25 February)

In Albi carnival is an integral part of the cultural heritage of the city. This carnival that dates back even to the Middle ages, after a long break was first held in 1951. Carnival – the most massive and brightest event of the winter in Albi and the second largest festival in the South of France.

Although this carnival collects fewer people than similar events in larger cities, it is not inferior to them in luxury. The carnival begins on February 18 with the transmission of the mayor the keys of the city to the Queen of the carnival, which annually choose specially for the holiday. Then begins the night parade of chariots with lights, music bands and street performers. All night of festive celebrations. On Sundays 19 and 26 February are the largest parade with musical performances on giant platforms.

Various themes of the carnival are selected each year. This year the fashion show will be held under the slogan “Desires of the gods”, inspired by Greco-Roman mythology. Tuesday passes children’s day: free pancakes and performances, and a traditional ceremony of the burning of King carnival.

“the carnival of Venice” in Annecy (March 2-4)

Annecy is called the “Alpine Venice”. In fact, every year the city organizes the carnival of Venice is almost at the level of the original Italian festival. Most of the actors of the carnival participated in the original festival of Venice.

It’s not the biggest carnival in the country. Only 250 of masks parade through the streets of Old Annecy, pose for photographers along the canals, and bridges. The charm of the unusual and sometimes bizarre costumes of the carnival will not leave indifferent spectators. The festival begins with the opening, during which the “masks” represent the music, and then there is a costume parade through the streets of the city.

“carnival of the two banks” in Bordeaux (March 4)

The parade takes place on Sunday. This year is March 4. But the preparations begin several months before the event. Preparation of costumes, music and dance groups during the whole is the organizers of the festival. The quality of the work done annually estimate around 40,000 spectators who will parade with floats, street performers, giant puppets along the quays of the Garonne. The festival culminates in the transition from one river Bank to the other.

“carnival of the two banks”, among other things, is an important musical event of the year. Some 20 musical groups perform in cafes, bars and venues in the city. Musical gatherings are organized in Bordeaux and surrounding towns. Every year to honor one of the countries of the world (in 2012 it will be Turkey). The musical direction of this country are presented to the audience in order to promote the integration of cultures. Overall, more than 400 artists (dancers, musicians, comedians), troupes of street performers and various organizations participate in the event, gathering of spectators of all ages.

“Tropical carnival” in Paris (July 3)

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