Festivals of Georgia: where to go, what to see, what to feast

Did you know that Georgia is rich in not only mind-blowing nature, architectural landmarks, delicious cuisine, hospitable people, but also incredibly fun and colourful festivals?

The Georgians – cheerful people. And in this you can see for yourself by reading our article about the most famous festivals Sakartvelo.

The Georgia festivals – the Festival of young wine

If you are a connoisseur of the drink of the gods, then you direct road to the most famous in the country the festival of Georgian wine.

Wine is an important part of the country, and Georgian the technology of manufacture of this drink unique. This can easily verify, anyone will attend the event.

Traditionally, the festival is attended by almost all large companies and small cellar. The festival presents house wines from different regions of Georgia.

The festival takes place on the territory of the Ethnographic Museum under the open sky. Wines are selected very carefully, so tourists will be able to try the “most” of Georgian wines.

This festival is very popular among Georgia residents and travelers. So, this year the festival was attended by about 10 thousand guests, among them half are foreigners.

How to get to the festival: the festival takes place in mid-may, permanent date as such, no. So you need to know in advance when the city decides to hold a festival.

The address of the Ethnographic Museum named after Grigory Reading – Tbilisi, Turtle Lake Road, house 1. The Museum is located near Turtle lake. You can get there by cable car from Victory Park.

Festivals Georgia Tbilisoba

Tbilisoba is a special and great day in the life of the inhabitants, and the country. Day the capital was established in 1979 and until 1988 was held annually on the last weekend of October. From 1988 to 1994, this holiday is not celebrated and was only restored in 1995.

City day Georgians celebrate more than one day – folk, the fun continues for three days. Everyone to see this cheerful holiday offers different cultural events, gastronomic delights, fine wine and the hospitality of the locals. You will be able to hear your favorite Georgian artists and get acquainted with Georgian folk dancing.

Visiting this festival, you will be able to purchase photos and paintings of famous Georgian artists.Tbilisoba – concerts, conferences, theatrical performances, folk festivals. In the morning the city is covered with smoke from the barbecue, everywhere is heard folk music interspersed with modern noise.

How to get to the festival: all celebrations take place in the centre of Tbilisi. But all the fun is located in Piazza Rica.

Festivals Georgia beer Festival in Batumi

Two days in August in the resort capital of Georgia beer flows like water, everywhere dance Georgian national dances and sing folk songs. The town comes to a beer festival.

The main goal of the festival is popularization of Georgian beer. The festival is attended by famous Georgian brands such as “Natakhtari”, “Kazbegi”, “Batumi”, Tower and others.

During the festival different contests: the more and faster you drink beer or who is faster will eat khinkali. Once on the festival, you will get the opportunity not only to taste delicious Georgian beer, enjoy Georgian cuisine, but also to take in the fun atmosphere of the dances and songs.

How to get to the festival: the festival takes place in early August on the territory of the House of Justice, which is located on Khimshiashvili street.

The Georgia festivals – the Festival of fruit

What could be better than a glass of refreshing fruit juice on a hot summer day? Except that combinations of selected Georgian fruit, sherbet, a variety of punches and delicious Georgian churchkhela.

Here 2 years in a row, the National tourism Agency of Georgia holds the fruit Festival in the ancient capital Mtskheta. Festival guests can enjoy the best of Georgian fruits and sweets. And also get a huge charge of positive energy.

Festival in Mtskheta – only the first stage of such festivals all over the country. Similar events are held in different parts of the country every weekend until mid September.

How to get to the festival: to get to the town is by Shuttle bus from Central bus station, near the metro station Didube. The festival has no fixed dates, so you need to know in advance about the time of the festival.

The Georgia festivals – the Festival of ice sculptures

Note the date: January 11. It was then that opens the Festival of ice sculptures at the popular mountain resort of Bakuriani. The festival even has a name: “the tour is the city ice”.

To show tourists and residents of Georgia ice sculptures are exhibited artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Austria, England and other countries. The issues are different. All depends on the imagination of the author, so viewers can expect a lot of surprises.

The entire festival lasts for three days. And since 2006, the festival fashion shows of famous designers from around the world.

How to get to the festival: from Tbilisi bus station near the Didube metro station with hourly bus Shuttle to the ski resort of Bakuriani.

The Georgia festivals – the Festival of cheese

Everyone have the opportunity to taste more than 50 varieties of Georgian cheese. This product is most popular in Georgia cheese Festival in the village of Tsinandali, Kakheti.

The festival presents the cheeses of different types, tastes and shapes. In particular, among the exhibits are the cheeses with honey, spices, pepper, processed in the chacha (Georgian alcoholic drink), in sunflower oil and others. Moreover, inventive Georgians show and different exposures made entirely of cheese.

Together with cheese festival participants can taste Georgian wine.

How to get to the festival. the village of Tsinandali is located 110 kilometers from the capital of Georgia. You can get there by bus from the Central bus station, which is located near the metro station Didube.

The Georgia Festivals – Festival Of Art Geni

Probably, the Art festival Geni – the folklore among all the festivals in Georgia. The festival is just a fairy tale and a huge well of information for all tourists, because where else are you closely acquainted with the culture of the Georgian people.

During the festival, for example, have the opportunity to hear folk songs, see folk dances and Georgian martial arts, participate in master classes and to buy a folk art from different parts of Georgia. And, of course, the wine flows like water.

And continues this colorful extravaganza of no less than nine days. July 28 – first day of the festival. And each year, the festival founders are choosing different subjects.

How to get to the festival . the festival is held on the territory of the Ethnographic Museum in Tbilisi. You can get there by cable car from Victory Park.

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