Festivals and carnivals

The main Festival events will be held, as always, excellent interiors Shuvalovsky Palace (nab. reki Fontanki, d. 21), in the heart of the Venice of the North. Another indicator of high ranking International Coffee Festival in St. Petersburg is conducting the St. Petersburg round of the Russian Barista championship 2006.in the framework of the VII International Coffee Festival

8 international women’s festival – 13 August 2006 INBI Club for many years engaged in serious work connected with the study and restoration knowledge and practices used by women of various world traditions for understanding and development of their nature. On this subject our center publishes books and training videos, expeditions are organized in the various parts of the world where this knowledge is still preserved, seminars and regular classes

Rock festival 8 -1 0 June, Sweden, Solvesborg

Festival : “the Festival was a great success. Everything was  The team from Russia was small but friendly. Everyone who has not done this time, but going on SwedenRock’2006 follow the news on the website. Report on SwedenRock’in July .”

Flower festival in Madeira

We invite you to see the colorful festival, in which are contests for the best decorated shop Windows, street carpets of flowers, competitions, street performers, concerts and flower shows.

The most colorful festival – Festival of flowers – Madeira held in the spring. This year on 9 and 10 April the streets and parks of Madeira will fill the noisy crowds of visitors and residents of the island in carnival costumes, decorated with multicolored flowers and herbs. On platforms-the flower beds around the city will pass a parade to the sound of fire music. On the eve of the celebration, all the children of the island come to life in the city to build a “wall of hope” from thousands of flowers as a symbol of peace and faith in goodness

Chocolate festival in Perugia

Sweet lovers gather annually in the Italian city of Perugia: at the end of October there is a festival Eurochocolate chocolate. This year the festival will be held for 12 times and every year its popularity is growing. Last year the event was attended by 900 thousand people. Place sweet holiday was not chosen by accident: a small Perugia – the birthplace of the famous company Perugina, the biggest in Italy and one of the best in the world chocolate manufacturers. Famous BACI candy with happy wishes and romantic aspirations are made here. The festival presents all possible and impossible sorts of chocolate: bitter and creamy milk, white and dark, with tastes and flavors, with nuts, with fruit, mint and even pepper, thick, solid and liquid, and chocolate cream. This peep last festival was a chocolate-an aphrodisiac with the addition of ginger called “Kamaka”, supposedly stimulating a love of desire. On each package shows pictures with scenes from the Kama Sutra.

Fireworks festival in Lucerne

Bright and colorful illuminative show over the lake In mid-August in Lucerne passes solid festival of symphonic music, in the tradition of predvaryayutsya holiday night fireworks over the surface of lake Lucerne and accompanied by a gastronomic extravaganza at fancy restaurants.At night the festival of lights in Lucerne, when at 22.00 evening Lucerne will be on fire, better get a job somewhere on the outdoor terrace of the coastal restaurant, look for the “burning” of the city, to feed Lucerne, swans and listen to how loud flop tails on the water well-fed fishes of lake Lucerne

“Edinburgh International Festival”

The world’s largest arts festival, for 3 weeks in August, Edinburgh hosts over 600 creative teams.

All genres and types of art represented here: theatre, music, Comedy and illusion to 1000 views a day on 200 sites, including the famous Princess street amid the harsh Edinburgh castle, the Festival begins with a parade along the main street of the city “Royal mile”. Thousands of viewers watching the colorful procession. The festival program is diverse. Here everyone can find a sight to taste. At the largest cultural event Scotland, an exhibition of books, festival and fringe, gathering fans and avant-garde artists among creative teams from around the world. The final gala concert and fireworks will be held on 4 September in the famous gardens of the Princesses. More than 217 thousand spectators watch the parade of all the troops of the Commonwealth


Brazilian carnival 25 – 28 February 2006 Every year at the height of the Brazilian summer in Rio De Janeiro comes the feast, which has no equal anywhere in the world – Rio Carnival comes. The carnival is a time of merriment, which is closely in the walls of houses, clubs, stadiums that captures in its whirlwind of all the population, regardless of status, religion, skin color. The week of the Carnival – the endless parade of unique costumes and skill carefree people for whom this holiday is the main in life. The city ceases to work, all having fun. This holiday inspires awe and envy of foreigners, because nobody knows how to relax, have fun and enjoy life as the cariocas – the indigenous inhabitants of Rio

The carnival in Viareggio

The most politicized of all the Italian carnivals are held in Tuscany. On Corso Mascherato moving platform with jib compositions of statesmen, purple grebes and red Scorpions, and wandering in the crowd a giant surreal dolls. The most interesting thing to look for among the dolls who you and politicians. The carnival procession will be held every Sunday until February 13 and Saturday, February 8. Beginning at 15.00.

Carnival in Madeira

During the carnival all residents and guests of the Islands are clothed in outfits (rampant imagination is not limited!).Saturday, 5 February, the streets of Funchal will host the “official costume parade”.Tuesday, February 8 – last day of the carnival and again the day of the March, this time a caricature, paradiseo first official.End the carnival with a Grand FIREWORKS display over the Bay of Funchal.Optionally, you can also book tours around the Island of Eternal Spring, and to appreciate the captivating views of mountain and sea landscapes. Small villages of Madeira extremely colorful during the carnival.

Carnival in Nottinghill

The annual festival begins on Sunday Banking day numerous parties and dance festivals for the First time this noisy and colorful carnival was held in London in 1964. Today he became the second after the Brazilian carnival is a massive street procession in the world. More than 15 thousand participants of the carnival are in the area of Nottinghill (West End) and music groups, attracting over a million viewers. On Monday, a parade, and the streets are full of numerous tents, enticing fragrant smells of exotic dishes from every corner of the world.

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