Farewell bonfire “parade of planets”

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To prepare for the holiday and giving torzhestvennoi of atmosfery, we recommend you to decorate the room decorations. Choose what will suit you .

Farewell bonfire “parade of planets”


Each team chooses a name for the planet comes up with their own idea, clothes. Parade of planets you can spend on a camp fire glade farewell to various camp fire at the end of the shift.


The commander of crew: 3 pilots. Bright Star, An Evil Meteorite, The Queen Star.

/View begins when all the children gather around the campfire buildings. Sound signals to/

Commander: Attention! Attention! Our space ship “Vostok-5” to be released into space. We circled around the Earth and now will be a very difficult but exciting journey into space. In this expedition sent to the most strong, brave and hardy. The crew! To send into space to get ready.

/Goes below the detachment of pilots in space suits/

Commander: The Astronauts! Listen to the scientific task! You need to find a star that lights the great eternal fire. If you bring the sparkle from the stars to us here on Earth, consider that mission accomplished.

Crew: Yes!

Commander: let’s Start the countdown: 10, 9, 8. 1, start

/The crew hits the road. Flew around a campfire built/

1 pilot: Here we are in space. Like all the unusual and interesting! Some stars around. OH! Look, I think we approaching one beauty-star. All shines and glows. Bright what!

Bright Star:

Good evening, the travelers-earth! Where do you go? My name is Bright Star. I approached the Queen of Hot Stars.

2 pilot: We arrived on a special mission from Earth. We need a spark that will ignite a large eternal flame.

Asterisk: This spark can be obtained only on the island of Delicious Oxygen, and where the Queen lives Hot Star. She brings such a spark only to those who she likes and nothing to be afraid of in our world.

3 pilot: Thank you. Bright Star! Take us to the Queen of the Hot Star. We will be polite to her and try to please her.

Star: well, then go ahead! Just be careful! Here we are unconscious elements – harmful meteorites that love making fun of aliens; like you.

/The music sounds. Everyone goes for Asterisk. There Is An Evil Meteorite/

Meteorite: What subjects? Again with the Land granted? And again to the Queen! And she and happy guests! Y-yx! This hospitality space. It is urgent to think of something. Aha! Now they get to the Island of Delicious Oxygen and remove the helmets. I immediately and .duso. Look how they jumped for joy. Ha-ha-ha! /Runs away/

/Queen appears Hot Star, Star sits on the throne. When a Bright Star with pilots/

Star: Here we are on the island and Delicious Oxygen. Remove your hats and enjoy our air. He’s not like you. He is with us special. And helmets your not going anywhere. Leave them here. /Pilots take off helmet, put on the ground/

Star: Well! It’s time for the Queen. Come on!

/Steals the Meteorite, steals hats/

Queen: Hello, dear guests! I know, I know, what business have you here. Spark cherished I’ll give you Land, if you will fulfill my 3 wishes. See what you resourceful. They say on Earth people Yes it was too nimble oars. Show me your favorite dance, so I wanted to dance and all the people my star danced.

Pilot: well, the people star! Stand in a circle and repeat after me all the pieces to one.

/Each team builds its terms. Block dancing in a circle: “Notch – ENKA”, “Lambada”, “Sirtaki”, “dance of the ducklings”/

Queen: Cool danced. Well done! Coped with the first task. And now the song I want. What are you on Earth sing? Damn it all picked up!

/Pilots and the children sing a common song, holding each other’s shoulders, swaying – “You and me, Yes we are with you”/

Queen: Well! And with this test managed. Well done! And instead of a third of my probation I have to ask of you. Let me examine your head, without which you cannot be in open space.

Pilot: Ah-Ah! Spacesuit! We left them there. Now bring. /Looking for suits/ Where are they? Star people! Where our suits?

Star: Ah! It tricks the harmful Meteorite /Meteorite appears/

Meteorite: don’t give the suits just because! Take me to the Ground. You are such fun: dance, sing. D also want. Tired of just you’re just being mean and bullies. And you will wait until the aliens to make a joke, so I shall die of boredom.

Star: Yeah? You will not be able to live on Earth. You’re not a man, you are a Meteorite. Your place is here, in space.

Queen: The Rights Of The Meteorite! Little we have here fun Yes festival. It’s cold and lonely in space. And you, the pilots, take your spark of Eternal fire. Ignite him. Let it be the fire of a great holiday. We’ll have a parade of all our outer planets. Hey, Sprockets – helpers, send telegrams to all the planets. Today we have a Parade. Come all together. It will be fun. And you, the crew of “Vostok-5”, light a fire. The opening parade, the holiday starts. While the fire is made, all the planets are going.

/Pilots lit the fire. Each team represents their planet. After the festival start free games and dancing/

At the end of the holiday can be handed to all present small gifts. For example, these are unusual !

It’s not expensive and will leave all the wonderful impression of a long memory!

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