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Incredibly, for the second ten years in the team of the Agency ’ s Neo basic holidays” reign special relationship of trust, understanding, respect and discipline, which is very important for the team working in the arts. During this time we have established an excellent, even unique in the ease atmosphere of creativity conducive to innovation. Yes, we just having fun, we don’t spend time on disassembly, so they do more and earn more. In other event agencies, as far as I know, the working conditions are just terrible. Not only that, there all out exclusively on the Mat, so this is still in an endless swearing and looking guilty. Therefore, turnover, mistrust and bickering, all as in the Bolshoi theatre. No wonder that in event the event which they organize, many unforeseen POPs up stocks that nobody corrects, and then to admit it is not going to. Extreme remain customers.

What is extreme in nature need us? Our man must be able to communicate and to do it right, to listen, to speak briefly, clearly and to the point, so that’ll listen, to know when to remain silent and, of course, always dress nice. We custom our new employees, and sometimes for a specific project they can muster more than a hundred people, honesty, team spirit and dedication. Deceit and indifference – this is the main, the worst enemies in our team work. They whole reason numerous shoals, which then begins a fruitless curses and hatred. We, as workers in the fields of event services, swearing does not. We need to create AtmAsfera holidays, and it means: the atmosphere of sincerity, good humor and joy for the guests.

Of course, life isn’t like that in the organization of complex events, consisting of small things, has not failed. They were and always will be, because in the work every time too much new input, factors, people, etc. But these problems can be insured or to minimize them. The storm can be prepared, have all the replacement options or scenario moves. And, of course, if cant still happens on his closing rush all team members are able to help. Such moments in the history of the event Agency holds many incredible tales of heroism employees. Guests and customers, as happens in such cases, did not notice.

Mutual aid is another rule and the key to the success of our event Agency. Usually we say to newcomers: “If you chose this event the project – consecrate him a piece of his life, give him all his strength, love, talent and skill. Take a guess right now, but will relax then when it’s all over”. And the guys running around, literally fly and selfless work. «If you’re not creative, then you have nothing to do in art, no one and you can’t go anywhere”. Art always gets rid of the ballast and it’s an unwritten rule. Yes event today, this is the cutting edge development of synthesis arts, this way for real, special, for the elite. In my memory more than a decade of experience in the St. Petersburg event. probably thousands of event agencies disappeared forever.

Do you know how the Agency thinks and writes scripts? We sit down and on the theme you want all snapped up as cards on the table, many of the most incredible and ridiculous ideas, observations, or associations. And then from this litter are born completely fresh moves and decisions. Ask at this point any one of us: “are you having Fun, fun, fun?” Everyone will say a thousand times “Yes!”.

Well, the most wonderful moments of our creative life happen immediately after by our team to further events. All are experiencing real happiness. It should be noted that all sober, we have this taboo at work. Everyone, literally, the sun shines in his eyes. Moreover, the more problems, the more people worked, the more it glows. Amazing.

And this is a real event, friends!

About the unusual format.

What is the success of our unusual format? In the special atmosphere and conditions conducive to the disclosure of the creative potential of each guest. Practice shows that the manifestation of the creative initiatives inevitably accompanied by positive emotions, which inevitably provides a common enchanting atmosphere. Create a magical mood our main goal. Our event Agency has its own methodology, how to create scenarios, reaching our main goal.

We recognize that each person has their own tastes. To do this we need to receive from you a detailed proposal on holiday. To funds allocated for the event, were expended for the benefit, we will prepare an exclusive scenario in which the program will be prescribed specifically for you and your guests. Our event services of organization of events in to find the best and most original solutions for our holidays and still stay within your budget, to do that we create the optimum, in the sense of the savings estimate.

We love your St. Petersburg. Programs related to home city of the event Agency and had a lot certainly will be more. Here are some examples, just for understanding how we make the interactivity for the holidays in a creative atmosphere: Remove staged or improvised movies. based on the known archetypes, where guests play a role, act as writers and Directors. Prepare event concerts in which guests are the main participants and performers. theatrical skits, songs, dances, etc.

Carnivals funny characters or interactive carnival of improvisation. where everyone can find their own creative expression by preparing your paper suit.

Historical, costumed atmosphere with an original plot, from the stone age to the present day.

The event budget move – interactive performances, designed and delivered with his own hands, but with the help of the Agency, history, created without costumes and scenery, only within the conventions of theatre. In such programs, the percentage of involvement in the festival and emotional intensity among the participants is very high.

Of course, at all stages of interactive training programs for corporate groups help professionals.

We, as event team for more than ten years engaged in the arts in St. Petersburg, creating a feast. During these difficult years, our company has accumulated many fresh and original ideas in how to cheer up people who are accustomed to exclusive. Serious companies before choosing unusual holidays, repeatedly recognizing our expertise in the preparation of the event, corporate event, PR campaign. Our Grand wedding in the Park of the Constantine Palace in Pavlovsk Park and was impressed by its beauty, organization and innovation of the proposed scenario-based ideas. Multiple handling elite customers to our event services for family celebrations, birthdays, children’s birthdays, anniversaries, repeatedly proven our skills, honesty, openness and friendliness in the work. Today, our event team like the cave of Ali Baba, full of treasures, where be fulfilled any, the most extraordinary, the most fabulous your desire.

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