Down with the autumn Blues, or where to rest in November

Outside the window, damp and cold, short days alternate long and cold nights. This causes many autumnal melancholy, even depression. Wet asphalt, grey bleak landscape, the sad faces of passers-by… Yes, time to leave is just great – will not say anything. Is it possible at this time to relax with comfort and pleasure?

Create a good mood

And why not! Good mood we can create ourselves. We want to be cheerful and happy – let us be such. You need to perceive life from its best side. Even in November you can organize a fabulous stay in Ukraine and have fun.

Look around:

the magic forest,

dressed in gold and crimson,

meadows with withered grass,

bright sun ( not just the rain !) on a clean blue sky,

free wind walking around the space and removes yellow leaves, dangle them in the last flight and carefully puts on the ground.

In the lake whitefish spawns. Trout sinking into the pools and pits. Carp finally going to hibernate in deep shaded pits or buries itself in the mud. Peace, silence…

Interesting and fun in Lviv

Want something more fun? – Welcome to Lviv!

There life teems. The citizens just can’t miss: they cook, sing, compete and always something to celebrate.

And Lviv is the city that has it all. And for each it may be interesting in its own way:

some would call lions youth of the city and will be right – after all, really, here is where the “hang out”;

another remember that in Lviv cool sauna;

third like very much city hotels;

or maybe You remember how we used to walk the old streets of Lviv and admired the night illumination of the Dominican Cathedral;

and yet someone will remember cozy Lviv restaurants (“KAV’am”) and this unique flavor of a Cup of coffee in Lviv (“planetski luvsick Kavi”)…

And really, Lviv is an ancient, picturesque town, the Museum under the open sky. And even in November walking tour of this city will give You a lot of impressions.

You will walk through the streets of the city, will see the famous Church of the assumption . St. George’s Cathedral . admire Armenian, Dominican and Bernardine churches.

You’ll visit the heart of Lviv – Rynok square . inscribed on the UNESCO list, will feel the breath of the Italian Renaissance in the Italian courtyard . climb the High castle – what a beautiful picture is revealed before the eyes. Maybe worth going from the University named after I. Franko in the autumn Park . and then another to catch:

Military-historical festival “the Foreigner”,

III Lviv tourism conference ’s Win with the Lion!”,

VII Festival “Ladder”…

For mountain lovers

In addition, You can take a trip in Lviv region, in the tourist-sports complex “Tysovets” center of winter sports of international importance. It is located just 32 km from the town of Skole at an altitude of 950-1100m above sea level in the upper reaches of the river Tysovets (Dniester river basin), 2 km from the village of Oryavchyk and the snow falls in November.

Rest in Tysovets is a serpentine road leading up higher and higher, beyond the pass open up the unforgettable panorama: in the silent valley surrounded by mountains, covered with slender firs magical beauty.

Great coniferous forests of the Carpathians, Alpine zone, the snow, the breathtaking beauty of nature and the sun for many years attracted the attention of mountain lovers.

Hiking in the Carpathians

But if You consider the fall as a period of rain and dampness, and it attracts many on vacation to the mountains, to:

collect berries and mushrooms,

take a walk through the wilderness,

or go horseback riding across a mountain massif,

and in the evening relax in pleasant surroundings, which are ideal comfortable hotels, village houses and small tents.

Crystal mountain lakes, fishing, Carpathian spruce, healthy mountain air – all this suggests that the November holiday in the Carpathian mountains.

Carpathian forest is rich in organic berries and mushrooms. Especially a lot of mushrooms in the mountains after dropping the still warm rains in November. In General, in the Carpathian mountains grow more than 200 species of mushrooms in the forest can be found for a single output of more than 300 white mushrooms. Can you imagine?

Mushroom picking, indeed, a great pleasure. In addition, at the same time you can admire the Carpathian scenery and charming scenery. For many it is a hobby.

Tours in Skhidnytsya

Many people like the tours to the Resort . The snow falls in late November and lasts until may. This is the highest ski resort in Ukraine.

Dragobrat Valley

And skiers will enjoy Dragobrat Valley. It is located at an altitude of 1300 m to 1400 m above sea level at the foot of the Stack at the beginning of the Svydovets massif. Nearby are the vertices of G. the Gendarmes and G. Bliznitsa (m), with their height before You open landscapes of the Carpathian mountains. Here you can see the mountain range “V” and the highest point of the Ukrainian Carpathians – Hoverla (2061m).

Circopedia valley Svydovets of the spine create a unique environment and provide lasting snow cover from November to may.

One of the main advantages of the Carpathians is considered amazing, clear and healthy air .

Here, in the Carpathians, life freezes:

millennial mountains hide secrets of the past in the misty grandeur,

and the ancient Hutsul tales trails wander among tall trees,

and only transparent sources break this monotonous quiet, rapidly dropping from the mountains, its crystal moisture.

Who has ever been in the Carpathian mountains, forever will love this magnificent and Sunny land.

The Heart Of Ukraine – Kiev

Little time to rest and visit Kiev. A few days in the heart of Ukraine You will see not only the standard tourist tools:

the castle of Blue Beard,

find 800 year old tree

and climb to Bald mountain to find the autographs of the princes.

The change of seasons – the best time for walking in Kyiv parks :



the Park Vladimirskaya Gorka.

And if you come to Kiev on November 6-7, you can get on t the first in Ukraine the family sports festival . which is part of the charity project “Sports family – healthy nation”.

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