All interesting about the Philippines

First of all, the Catholic nature of the Philippine nation is manifested in the dominance of the Christian festivals. Besides them, New Year’s day, military parades and all the holidays are celebrated in the Philippines is also very vigorously. Each region has its own set of sacred festivals, which are celebrated throughout the year. New year is celebrated, as befits a Catholic country, with great imagination and lots of fireworks. January 9 in Manila’s most famous religious event in the country – “the Day of the Black Nazarene” – a huge procession in honor of Jesus, gathering millions of believers (this is not an exaggeration) from across the country (often the procession is repeated on Easter Monday and 11-12 may).The celebration of Ati – Atihan, celebrated in the third week of January, is a tribute to Santo Nino. Lasting more than three days, it is a riotous mix of dancing, revelry and religious rituals. The region Cebu celebrates the feast of length in one week, called Pasundayag sa Sinulog, which is characterized by large crowds of people dressed in different costumes dancing the traditional Sinulog dance.

Holy week Philippines all observe rituals and ceremonies. Palm Sunday ( Palaspas ) is marked by processions of priests and a city of people waving palm branches. Cenaculo, as a symbol of the sufferings of Christ, is celebrated in the city squares throughout Easter week. Friday ( Penitencia ) observed very strictly, and black Sabbath is marked by the presentation of the ‘Vigilia ng Muling Pgkabuhay’. The first day of Passover (Sabado de Gloria) is celebrated very pompously proclaiming all about the “Resurrection of Christ”.

Interesting Festival of Cebu city (18-19 January), colorful costume party “Dinagyang” in Iloilo (25-26 January), Flower Festival in Baguio (February 23 – March 3), processions “Kaamulan” in Malaybalay (28 February – 1 March), a colorful festival “Moriones” on the island of Marinduque and the festival on the eve of harvest “Pages” in Pasig (Holy week).

May is quite a lot of festivals. Festival of Santacruzan parade urban youth. Flowers and products are offered at different festivals Flores de May, Paalay and Tayo na Antipolo. Animals also have their festivals and farmers pay tribute to the carabao on the first day of San Isidro Labrador, patron Saint of.

In the summer months are such colorful events as the “Mango Festival” (end of may – beginning of June), the festival of pineapples “Pinhão-sa Daet” (15-24 June), the festival “Pintados” in Tacloban (end of June), festival “Sandugo” (Taiz, 1-2 July) in honour of the peace Treaty with Spain’s colorful pageant “Kinabalu” (Dapitan, 25 July), the festival of the pagoda Sa Wawa in Balayan (July), annual festival of Davao city (August 20-24) and the Aurora Festival in tanhai (August). Independence day is celebrated widespread theatrical performances and military parades. Holiday Tatarin (Cattarin, 21-22 June) in honor of the patron goddess of mothers and fertility, is a three-day carnival, which is considered “women’s day”, often turning into Valentine’s Day. John The Baptist.

New wine festival, Masskara festival, held on the island of Negros in October of each year. This festival was originally conceived in an era of economic depression in the 1980s as a means to raise the morale of local residents.

In the autumn of interesting ethnic festival “stack bolts-stack bolts” in Surigao (September 9), a nine-day Fiesta “Penafrancia-Viva-La-Verge” in Naga (20 September) with the river parade, large-scale festival “Zamboanga HERMOSA” (10-12 October), carnival “mascara” in Bacolod city (14-21 October), luxury festival “Lansones” on the island of Camiguin (25-18 October), theatrical show, “the Pint-Flores” in Carlos city (February), Valentine’s day. Clement in Angono and rizal (November), the Islamic holiday “Sharif Kabunsuan Festival” in Cotabato (15-19 December), the lantern festival in San Fernando (3 December), Christmas Festival in Laoag (December 25). In November held Banquets San Clemente, which is the Holy benefactor fishermen.

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