11 the most spectacular autumn festivals around the world

2 September – Festival of pizza “Pazzafest” (” Pizzafest”)

The venue of the festival – Naples

The story of how the pizza goes back a long way. For the first time something like pizza to cook in 1522 in Italy, and more precisely in Naples, when it was supplied with the tomatoes. Prepared by specially trained people, called them “pizzaiolo”. Now the pizza is widely used in the cuisines of the different States.

Pizza is one of the symbols of modern Italy. The Neapolitan pizza Association annual pizza festival, which offers a variety of its types. At the festival you will be offered live entertainment, great music and lots of fun and the company pizza lovers. All this action takes about two weeks.

September 6 – the flower Parade in Holland

Venue – Aalsmeer

Surprisingly procession that affects a variety of color palettes and types of flowers all over the world. On parade presents the composition of colors collected by volunteers who want to stand out for their ideas. On the streets there is a carnival which is accompanied by dances, songs and various contests. The festival of flowers is held on the first weekend of September. Everyone is welcome to attend the parade for free.

September 12 – flamenco festival in Spain

Place Sevilla

Flamenco is a temperamental dance and musical style that originated in Spain. Dancers in bright costumes discourage heels rhythm, making a stunningly beautiful and sensual sounds. In 2010, flamenco is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The festival Bienal de Flamenco, annually attracts thousands of people who come to see the best flamenco dancers. The most popular dancer of the dance is Joaquin Cortes, who has brought new life to flamenco. In Seville a lot of dance schools, where experienced dance instructors will teach you and show you all the passion of Spanish flamenco.

13 September – the feast of the grape harvest in Romania

The history of the Romanian vineyards goes back a long way. It is said that the God Dionysus was born in Thrace, present Romania. The geographical location of Romania is very favorable for growing grapes. Romanian wine is one of the best wines in the world.

Collect and crush grapes since ancient times served young slaves who could in what does not deny, and drinking wine on a level with their masters. All this was accompanied by cheerful songs and dances right on the vine.

Tourists trapped on the grapes, the wines offered on the market, it’s a marketing ploy, because, try this wonderful drink, you will not be able to deny themselves and not to buy a bottle of wine for yourself or as a gift.

20 September – Festival “King of jazz”

The venue at the 2014 Sochi

The jazz festival is held in honor of Georgy Garanyan, brilliant man, a jazz musician, conductor, vocalist and improviser, who was true to his music until the end. “King of jazz” is held by associates of the great musician, who created a Foundation in his honor. The festival will be attended by musicians from many countries. The organizers of the festival is also a charity, so in 2013 the money earned in Sochi were donated to schools Sochi.

October 10 – the light Festival in Germany

Venue – Berlin

Large-scale light show takes place in mid-October in the main city of Germany. Tourists who visited the festivals, not able to Express his admiration of the spectacle that took place in their eyes. Architectural landmarks change their appearance from light pictures made by human hands. The theme for 2014 was sent “Colors of joy”. The people who came to the carnival of light, will enjoy an amazing entertainment program, which will end the marathon to the Brandenburg gate.

17 October – the Festival of chocolate in Italy

Venue – Perugia

Chocolate festival in Perugia is a very important event for the residents of this city. Tourists tend to come on this sweet holiday to try the different varieties of chocolate. It’s hard to resist eating a biscuit, especially in every shop or store may offer it. For those who wish to learn more about the chocolate business, will be held seminars, experienced professionals will share their knowledge and help advice. On the street of chocolate cut out the most fantastic edible works of art, which then can try guests of the festival.

October 19 – Kirmes (harvest festival) in Germany

Kirmes is a straw man, which dressed in pants, shirt and hat, his tie a bottle of schnapps. Two weeks before the festival, the effigy is buried, on the day of 19 October, his dig up and tied to a tree, pre-decorated it with ribbons, balloons and fruit. People dance, sing songs, celebrate the harvest festival. After all Kirmes removed from the trunk and conduct a funeral ceremony, it is considered to be humorous, but it is believed that the burial effigies leave all the problems and bad habits.

October 23 – Diwali — the festival of lights in India

The fire in this day symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. Diwali is translated from Sanskrit as a fiery bunch. One of the myths says that the reign of the Grand Prince Rama led to the deliverance of the spiritual world from darkness. Sparks ignited on the day of the festival, symbolizing the return of man from darkness to light. In the days of the festival the streets of India are lighted by thousands of lights from the fireworks, firecrackers and lanterns.

1 November – the day of the giant omelette in USA

Venue – Abbeville, Louisiana.

A holiday on which you prepare a giant omelette, celebrated since 1985. The omelette is cooked from 5000 eggs, l 10kg of milk and greens. Huge omelet can try anyone from the street. The emergence of this tradition was preceded by a story of what happened with the Kaiser Franz Joseph. Once more, being at a young age, Franz lost and on the way he met the house in which lived a simple peasant. He was hungry, so she mixed the ingredients and cooked an omelet. This dish is so pleased him that he ordered every day to serve him in the Palace.

15 November – festival “Ethnomed”

The venue – St. Petersburg

Held since 2006, in the course of two days in Russia. For fashion this is a unique event that has established itself as a discovery in the world of shows and fashion shows. The show is to not only to show the culture of other nationalities, but also to develop tolerance to it. Representatives of fashion can share your ideas about creativity, showing their costumes. At the festival, your clothes can imagine, even novice designers. This event can see everyone, admission is free and enjoy the enchanting and colorful show! The festival also are invited dancers, musicians, makeup artists and artists of body art.

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