10 components of a good children’s party

A child’s birthday – it is a very important and long-awaited holiday for him! This adult birthday can be a claim, they say, time is passing by, no wealth, holiday sad… And the child waiting for her birthday for the whole year and to this day – magical! What parents need to do to this children’s celebration memorable for the whole year or even longer?

1. Let the child decide what he needs a holiday. Definitely ask him what kind of birthday party he wants? Whatever guests he wanted to invite? What dishes he would wish to see on the holiday table? If the child cannot answer, adults can help him, but in any case not to decide for him! Even if you answers baby don’t like me, and you, for example, can’t stand McDonald’s, and the child insists on a birthday party in this institution. There are things the child has “screaming” in childhood, such as chicken pox. Otherwise, in adult life “disease” can overtake him in a more severe form.

2. Start preparing your children’s party in advance. Better two weeks before the event. Decide on the day of celebration and birthday. Make the child the guest list, menu, outline the plan of activities. An invitation to better distribute no later than four days before the birthday, so the kids have time to make gifts. Invite children better writing, specify in the invitation not only the start hour, but the hour of completion of the event, parents were able to take their children home.

3. Decide, for yourself whether you will prepare and conduct a holiday or to attract the public Agency, clowns and animators? If you turn to the professionals holiday – you get rid of a substantial load of worries. On our portal you will find all the public Agency Ekaterinburg. If decide to conduct themselves – you will have to make room, create a script, holiday events, games and contests, and may be, to perform the function of leading.

4. Clowns and entertainers for children’s party – the topic is very important. Because these artists will largely depend on how the birthday went well. How to find a good clowns and animators – you can read on our site if you click on the link.

5. To decorate the room for the party, you can use balls and various posters. Of paper you can make flowers, garlands, bows. Above the entrance to the room to write “Here he lives birthday (name)!”, “Welcome to a crazy party in style (..)!” – these posters will immediately lift your spirits and set up guests for a festive mood. Try to make space in the room where it will be assembled guests. Fragile and breakable items put away.

6. The table should be spacious, but quickly shifts to a corner or to a wall, to make room for games. For holiday meals come up with unusual or fantastic names, such as: salad “Mr Tomato”, “ladybug”, “mouse” sandwiches “Lawn”, “Emoticons”, “Grandma’s pies”, the second “Sovunya”, etc. Playful menu hang on the wall. You can also arrange on the table flags with names of the guests. All food must be within reach for every child. You need to be prepared that something will spill or break. So use durable utensils and plenty of napkins. Sandwiches better to make a small (tapas) and the cakes cut into small pieces.

7. The better to meet guests along with the birthday, to help children to undress, correct clothes, to show you the mirror, tub, toilet. While the guests are going – you can entertain them with toys of your child. Do not treat children in advance, and what is on the table should be close wipes.

8. Consider not only the outfit for the birthday, but also your outfit. Your child is not all the same, looks like his mom!

9. If you spend a holiday by yourself, think of entertainment as well as games and contests for children. Here are some games that can be spent with children at home and outside.

“Catch the snow”. For the game, prepare a bag of small balls or “snowballs”, made of wool. Children need to distribute a small plastic buckets. On cue, the kids have to get ready for the game, it requires good reaction and quickness. Leading pulls from his bag of balls, snowballs and throws them in different directions. The kids run around and try substituting their own little cans flying under the snow, to catch them. When I have it in the bag all the snow, the game stops. Starts counting balls, caught by each player. Caught the greatest number “snowballs” is the winner.

“Young artists”. For this game you need to divide the children into two teams, set two easel with blank sheets of paper and make two wax crayon or thick marker. The facilitator asks both teams to draw something simple, like a boat, bike or plane. To win in this competition, teams need to be able to draw quickly and consistently. At the signal, leading members of both teams in turn are included in the drawing process, giving each other a place at the easel, and then passing the marker. The winner is the team that managed to beat the rivals, and thus to depict exactly what was asked by the presenter. Indispensable condition of victory in the game is an essential part in the creation of the figure of all members of each team.

“the Sparrows and the ravens”. This game is very popular with the kids. Leading seats children on chairs (mats), explains to them that should do the crows, and sparrows. For example, if the interviewer says the word: “Crow”, all the kids have to get up from the chair, but if the word: “Sparrow” – to lie down on the Mat. Before the game, children need to distribute candy wrappers or pieces of colored paper – 10 pieces each. Starting the game, leading slowly, syllable by syllable, pronounce the command: “In ” ro – be!”. Children need to take the time to listen, react correctly to the word and to perform the desired motion. The one who was careless and too hurried, or, conversely, performed the last movement, pays wrapper. From the game gradually eliminated those who end wrappers. The winner gets a prize!

10. Try each guest to engage in joint action, each pay attention. If some kid is sitting separately, and your invitation is rejected – do not force it, let him get used to, get used. To keep baby relaxed – ask him to help you to bring something to the table, move the chairs. Please contact the children’s names, do not use the word “children”. The phrase “Children, now we are going to play” is doomed to failure.

A holiday can be considered a success if you have a noisy house and nobody sits on the sidelines. If children sit dejectedly, not knowing what to do, – you just have to step in and offer something fun and interesting!

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